We are pleased to announce that in the first half of 2015 we started new partnerships with two fast growing UK-based companies, MagenTys and Morar Consulting (part of the Next 15 Group), and also new collaborations with larger corporations including one of the largest bookmakers in the UK, William Hill, and the innovative Swiss-based company, SpotMe.

When two years ago we decided to open a second office location in Plovdiv it was a logical choice for us. Two years later we are extremely pleased with the results team members based in Plovdiv have delivered.

To brighten everyone‘s day at the office on the first working day after the Easter holidays we organised an afternoon treat with fresh fruit, healthy snacks, Questers cookies and egg tapping. We got so inspired that we decided to introduce a new healthy living initiative – the Fresh Hour.

On 13th May with the active participation from the 20+ QA specialists at Questers we explored what the difference between manual and automated testing solution for native, hybrid, and web apps is.

On 1st June when Children’s Day is celebrated we were very happy and excited to host a colorful Kids Party at qClub for families to gather for fun and games and to know where Mummy/Daddy goes to work.

For a second year in a row on 7th June Questers running maniacs competed in the Business Run, a corporate relay race for teams of four runners.

On June 16 we organised a training open to all team members with the aim to help participants develop their skills in the area of effective motivation, self-motivation and constructive feedback. We explored what motivation is, how to maintain a high level of self-motivation and how to deliver constructive feedback.

At Questers we have always valued and encouraged young talent and bright minds. Together with our partner Javelin Group we have created a 6-month paid trainee programme that will help fresh graduates further develop their potential and become an integral part of a highly skilled team.

Questers was very happy to support the 3rd issue of the technical conference PlovdivConf 2015 which took place on 16th May in Plovdiv. The event was part of the IT Tour – a series of entrance free conferences traveling around Bulgaria and organised by a group of enthusiasts.