We are glad to announce the expansion of Version 1’s team at Questers. We are also very excited to introduce our new partners from 6Scan who are expanding to Bulgaria with the support of Questers and to welcome their team members onboard.

On 15 th of September in qClub once again we’ve organised an exciting Tech Meetup in collaboration with our friends from Ocado Technology. We dived into the depths of the robotics and 3D computer vision with our guests Alex Harvey and Graham Deacon – team leaders at Ocado.

In November, another joint tech meetup with our partners from Ocado Technology took place. This time the event was dedicated to the automation systems Ocado uses to fulfil customer orders.

On 27th of September we have joined another big tech event. VJUG24 was the world’s first virtual Java conference.

“What’s your favourite cartoon character?” - a question as simple as that can help you better understand the people you are working with in order to motivate them and develop their potential.

Running has never failed to give great end results and that’s why we can’t stop going back for more. As we’ve announced earlier this year together with our friends from Running Club Begach we have started the TechRun – an amateur running championship open to professionals in the tech, science, media and finance industries in Bulgaria.

The second edition of our Charity Pub Quiz was even more successful than the first one. On 10th of November we’ve gathered more than 60 Questers enthusiasts, grouped in 8 teams in our brand new qClub. We had many curious questions, cool prizes, delicious food, a lot of drinks and of course - wonderful time.

In order to attract new talent to the technology sector and to help them find their passion for coding, we’ve supported a variety of tech events in the last quarter of the year.

December started with an early Christmas party. Once again, we proved we know the formula of a great party.

To keep up the Christmas mood in the office after the party, we have placed plenty of Christmas cards designed by children at the reception desk. They were available for purchase and everything collected was donated to the I CAN TOO Foundation in support of kids with special needs.