Time flies and it feels like just yesterday when we started our partnership with Ocado Technology. A year later we’ve successfully grown their Bulgarian team to more than 30 people and celebrated the occasion with a delicious cake.

March brought some great news about one of our newest partners - DevOpsGuys. After receiving a funding to accelerate growth on 7th, they have won the Business service award at Cardiff Life Awards on the 17th.

The first Tech Meetup of the year took place on 24th of January in our beloved qClub.

In February we’ve organised another joint Tech Meetup with our colleagues from Funding Circle’s team.

As safe as our work environment is, unpredictable situations might sometimes occur and we shall be able to react in the best possible way.

They say a good day starts with positive attitude and a great cup of coffee. In order to turn the cold morning of January 13th into a great one, we had a hot coffee tasting at our qClub. We’ve learned more about coffee production and tried out various coffee blends.

In December through one of our Christmas charity campaigns we’ve supported 7 very talented kids from the school of robotics “Robopartans” in Gabrovo by covering 50% of their annual subscription fee.

For all wine and music lovers we’ve organised a special acoustic jam session at the qClub. Some of our talented colleagues who love the guitar contributed to the cosy atmosphere by playing their favourite songs. Their performance was accompanied by some fine wines and delicious appetisers.

As the healthy lifestyle of our people has been always one of the Questers’ priorities, we were very happy to welcome Ines Subashka to our qClub in the end of March.

Turning our foosball tournament into tradition! On March, 9th in our qClub 14 teams played 26 matches in total, competing for the first place.

The first of a kind pub quiz for people in the IT industry is a fact! On March, 16th with our support and active involvement, Teach for Bulgaria organised QuizIT – a bigger, harder and funnier event, inspired by the two editions of our internal Charity Pub Quiz.

We love the little gestures that can make us feel special. Therefore, on February 20 we’ve celebrated Python 26th birthday by surprising our Python gurus from the MIRACL team with delicious cookies.

On the 1st of March the whole Bulgaria was shining in white and red and even Google dressed up in these colours to honour the unique tradition of Bulgarians!

According to HackerRank, Bulgaria is one of the top 10 countries with the largest proportion - around 16.5%, of female developers. At Questers, we are proud to be a tech company with 19% of our employees female and to be offering them equal job opportunities.