We are thrilled to share that at this year’s Awards of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum Questers won the “Best Social Policy” award as a recognition of our continuous support for the non-profit organisation Teach for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian education system.

In the first quarter of the year, our partner Ocado Technology announced its expansion with two international partnerships – Groupe Casino in France and Sobeys in Canada. The development of the two projects is expected to take approximately two years and will result in a further expansion of Ocado Technology team in Bulgaria and the opening of new positions in the field of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.

To stay true to the tradition we’ve prepared some surprises for the team members. This year in line with our green campaign we gave away plants to everyone in the teams, so they could take care of them and enjoy a greener and healthier office environment.

We are starting a new column in which we will be introducing you a colleague who you might have missed talking to and give you the opportunity to learn a little more about him or her.

In January we organised the first Tech MeetUp of the year together with our partners from Ocado Technology. During the event, we discussed the various usages of RxJava and the problems Firebase could solve. In March we held another exciting Tech MeetUp where our speakers Thomas Walford and Zdravko Stoychev shared some insights from their experience as part of Ocado Technology.

The first Beyond the Keyboard training of the year took place on February 1st at our beloved qClub. This time we have invited the certified coach Iana Avramova to teach us few creative approaches for Problem Solving and Idea Generation.

On February 15th we celebrated the Wine&Love Day with a good selection of wine and delicious Raw Candy Workshop led by the lovely Linda Petkova.

To celebrate the International Women’s Day, we’ve invited Fairy Scents to share more about the Aromatherapy and Natural Cosmetics with us.

To celebrate the wonderful Bulgarian tradition this year, besides exchanging red and white adornments, we once again decided to sell martenitzas at the reception and to support the good cause of Ole Male.

In the beginning of the year through our Giving Programme, we’ve supported the purchasing of a littleBits kit for the interactive educational centre Muzeiko.