We are delighted to introduce our newest partner PES – a UK based company that provides a wide range of services including online employee benefits, workplace wellbeing solutions, HR services and technology solutions.

In June, The Panoply, Questers’ group company, has acquired FutureGov, a leading organisation in digital service design for the public sector and health sector.

We are thrilled to share that in May we have signed the TimeHeroes’ declaration Volunteering matters and by doing so we acknowledge the volunteering experience of our colleagues.

This time under the spotlight is Simona Simeonova - Junior Back-End Developer @PremFina team at Questers.

On May 8 we held an insightful Tech MeetUp where our colleagues Vladislav and Ivan from the Miracl team shared examples of how Go compares to Java, C++, Python and PHP in terms of both code structure and performance.

In May we hosted the monthly MeetUp of the Kubernetes & Cloud Native Computing Bulgaria Group. It was dedicated to the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon conferences that took place in Barcelona on 21-24 May.

In May we invited Martin Nedelchev from the “Wind & Water” to talk about yachts and sailing. We learned more about the yachts’ mechanisms and how to navigate them according to the wind and the direction we want to sail to.

In June we have initiated a new training programme Learning Fridays. It is aiming to develop our colleagues’ communication and soft skills through a number of training sessions.

To celebrate the 1st of June, we’ve invited our colleagues and their children to a colourful party. The little ones became real Picassos and turned the wooden bird’s houses we gave them into real masterpieces.

A week later we hosted a GO FOR IT event dedicated to personal development. Our lector was Janet Todorova, Growth manager at Founder Institute. She shared interesting techniques to “grow” your inner self and increase your consciousness.

Jaga2Days is the traditional foosball tournament that we organise every spring. The 4th edition of the competition took place on April 18, and as always, we had a lot of fun.

As you know through our Giving Programme, we are supporting various education causes and initiatives. And during the last few months, we were very diligent in doing so. Here are the initiatives we have supported so far: