Questers is delighted to partner with Ocado Technology, the division responsible for building the software that powers the world’s largest online only grocery retailer,

Ocado started shipping orders in 2002 and over the past 13 years has been engaged in a continual process of rapid innovation. Its solution is as unique as its business model and the fact that it owns almost every line of source code in this solution means it can evolve, optimise and exploit it.

Ocado’s customers place their orders online which then are picked and packed in huge automated warehouses, the largest of their kind in the world, before delivering to kitchen tables across the UK in one hour delivery slots.

Ocado fuses two businesses: retail and technology. The retail business, helps drive the innovation and the customer requirements. The technology business, Ocado Technology, builds the solutions which are deployed back into the retail business. This allows the company to do what neither a pure retailer nor a pure technology company can do: create a virtuous circle of innovative dogfooding.

The partnership with Questers offers applicants an amazing breadth and depth of technology developed in-house that even large technology companies would struggle to match — from webshop and mobile systems, through forecasting and supply chain systems, the real time control systems that drive our automated warehouses, to the routing and lastmile systems and everything in between. Then there are a host of specialist systems such as simulation, emulation, 3D visualisation, robotics, vision systems, analytics, machine learning, optimisation and so on.

Questers, an expert in providing EU-based dedicated technology teams was chosen as the strategic partner for this critical software development due to Questers’ depth of knowledge, understanding and expertise in multi-location management with an outstanding reputation for accessing and recruiting world class technology talent for tech specialist companies.

We are now looking for the brightest and most talented engineers and specialists in Bulgaria that we can find. We offer them the opportunity to learn, innovate and play in our rich technological sandpit.

This is not a typical near-shore resourcing project but a long term strategic partnership with Ocado Technology to grow a highly skilled tech operation and effectively deliver cutting edge solutions.Alexander Drangajov, CEO of Questers