Ocado Open Positions

Our passion is developing and using cutting-edge technology to deliver precisely what a customer ordered, exactly when they want it.

It sounds easy - but when Ocado customers typically order 50 to 60 different products from the 48,000 products we stock, and they decide on a 1 hour window for us to deliver all of these to them, this gets very difficult, very quickly. We handle over a quarter of a million orders every week. Just imagine the complexity!

At Ocado Technology, we are creating leading-edge software systems and technology for the digital supermarket of tomorrow; our website and mobile apps trigger our streamlined supply chain, highly-automated warehouses and delivery systems to kick into life and deliver orders with incredible accuracy - we are very proud to have some of the happiest customers of any online grocery company.

We are not resting on our laurels, we have a number of exciting and top secret projects we are currently working on, and we see innovation playing a vital role to our continued success.  We are using Java in some projects, Scala in others (sometimes with Akka), a bit of C and C++ for our robotics, some Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform, Docker, we're developing for Android, using agile methodologies (some teams do Kanban, some do Scrum, and some use other methods) and some teams do TDD and some continuous delivery - there is way too much to list here! This is all happening right now, and we're always discovering new technologies and deciding what we can be using in the future.

You have some experience, perhaps a lot, and you are excited to learn; you are creative, love to contribute and make a difference. We are here to give you the support you need so that you can develop amazing products that make a real difference in our customers' lives.

We are Ocado Technology and our passion is cutting-edge technology and delivering the best experience for our customers. What's your passion?