Android Software Engineer



Part of OSP, StorePick, is a system for doing grocery deliveries, but this time around: from a real supermarket not from a warehouse. This is one of the first projects which was bootstrapped upon opening the new offices. It was started jointly from scratch by a team in the UK and a team in Sofia. Sofia team is responsible for building an Android App, used to guide staff in the supermarket to do their job: what groceries to pick, where to stock them, and when to load them into a vehicle. The App has now reached MVP milestone and it is currently being trialed in a real working supermarket but there is still much more to do. Sofia team members got to go to the UK to try it out themselves in order to get the first-hand experience. Apart from the vast list of new functionalities, some of the challenges we are now facing:


  • Scaling from 1 supermarket to many (monitoring logs and alerting, deploying remotely on vast number of devices, supporting multiple versions)
  • Improving supermarket staff productivity by measuring their performance and carrying out A/B tests
  • Improving UX, which often results in complete redesign of some of the screens
  • Fully embracing continuous delivery i.e. every commit goes through the pipeline and it is released to production devices
  • Lowering battery and network footprint.



We are looking for people who understand what makes good quality software, who appreciate their craft and strive to be better at it everyday. Are not afraid to deep dive, experiment or refactor huge parts of the code and take responsibility for their actions. Who do really care about the project they are building, the code that is being written and are calling sub-par things out when they see them. They:


  • Understand the tradeoffs between different types of application architectures
  • Understand async tasks, Android native, RxJava or another way
  • Are not afraid to touch the server side or the web frontend from time to time
  • Like coming up with new designs for the UI and creating simple and clean screens
  • Enjoy looking at user data to improve UX in order to create something people love to use
  • Don’t consider it burdensome creating a layout for a portrait as well as landscape
  • Know who JakeWharton is, or the libraries he is contributing to ;)


All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.