Open Position -

Asset Manager



  • Solid experience administering Asset Management, ITSM CMDB frameworks
  • Relevant technical, asset management, or inventory experience
  • Experience with IT asset automated discovery solutions (ServiceNow, BMC, Altiris, FreshService)
  • Experience with network assets, network engineering and operations
  • Creative ability, analytical and technical skills and independent judgment
  • Ability to examine, understand and extract asset information from device configurations such as AWS EC2, RDS, Network routers / APs, load balancers, and firewalls using SNMP or automated discovery agents / probes
  • API experience would be a plus
  • Hands on experience with administration or tracking of certificates, domains, and software maintenance life-cycles


  • Develop and oversee the structure of an asset & configuration management function and corresponding system (CMS), including configuration item (CI) definitions, relationships, and key attributes (e.g., unique asset identifiers, license details, SLAs, version, renewal dates), and ensure key attributes are maintained and updated
  • Provide hands-on development, configuration, and management of the CMDB, modelling, and business service mapping using ITSM tool and other technologies (Asset auto-discovery, JAMF Pro, PDQ, AWS, Active Directory integration, third-party contract management applications)
  • Be responsible for tracking / managing:
    • All domains as CIs across various registrars for DNS Registration and Zones in our CMDB
    • All Certificates as CIs across the various CAs, and maintaining the CI details for each in our CMDB
    • Managing the “Vendor Management Database,” to include vendor contact details, support process in our CMDB
  • Work closely with IT Service management, HR, Vendor Management, Procurement, Finance, and Global End-User Support teams to assist with centralized data automation used to improve efficiencies in hardware, software, cloud, and contract asset management.
  • Work towards leveraging ITSM tool to automate CI updates for On/Off Boarding hardware returns & software entitlement harvesting.
  • Ensure compliance with legal / auditory requirements, regarding software and user licensing.
  • Proactively reviewing inventory status of IT hardware (physical/virtual) and performing reconciliation analysis of IT asset records.