Open Position -

AWS Cloud Engineer



  • Strong understanding of Containerisation (Docker) technology and immutable infrastructure backed by real-life experience running containers at scale
  • Excellent background in Infrastructure as code including management and testing infrastructure deployments
  • Solid experience in managing deployments at scale, an understanding of Blue/Green, Canary and Pathfinder approaches
  • An excellent working knowledge of configuration management, provisioning and Orchestration tools such as Terraform, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt.  
  • Good understanding of cloud computing paradigm. Experience automated, repeatable real-life deployments to any of the major cloud providers ideal (e.g. AWS, Azure, Openstack)
  • Knowledge of distributed systems, queuing technologies and the benefits & challenges they bring from a performance and availability perspective
  • An appreciation of common development approaches (TDD, BDD, DbC)
  • Working knowledge of version control (GIT) and CI workflows/tooling (Gitlab CI/Jenkins)
  • A background in on premise  IT environments i.e. operating systems, virtualisation, networking, applications, platforms and databases.
  • An understanding of project & service delivery processes, development & testing methodologies and working to Change and Release managements practices.
  • Demonstrable investigative and analysis capability.


  • We’re focused on developing the platform using the best of Public Cloud technologies, combined with in-house technology and we need talented, people who love everything about Delivery to come in and make a difference to our output
  • It’s a hands-on role and you won’t ever be sat there twiddling your thumbs. We’re looking for a curious cloud engineer who wants to push things forward, faster and smarter, never settling for second best. And if you’re anything like us, you won’t rest until a problem is solved
  • You’re thorough in your approach, and in your knowledge of cloud services, APIs, automation, IaC, containerisation and platforms such as AWS / Kubernetes
  • Your tech skills are vital, of course, but it’s just as important that you can communicate well with our engineers and other teams around you
  • We need someone who will contribute to the design and planning of William Hills Cloud technologies, making best use of Internal and external offerings.  Working closely with other Engineers, Architects, and Project Managers to adapt to William Hill Cloud/Platform technologies, providing relevant training, mentoring, and guidance outside of direct team