DevOps Cloud Engineer



  • Expert knowledge of working in cloud-based infrastructure (AWS, Rackspace, or Heroku)
  • Knowledge of Multi-Region Topologies, Auto Scaling, Load Balancers, Proxy Servers, SNS, SQS, DNS, CDNs and WAFs
  • Capable to architecting frictionless security and compliance best practices into global cloud infrastructure
  • At ease with troubleshooting in complex environments through experience using monitoring and logging tools
  • Knowledge of Ansible and Terraform
  • Programming experience – GoLang/ PHP/ Ruby/ Java/ etc.
  • Experience of Build Tools (e.g. Jenkins), and Artifacts Repositories
  • Knowledge and/or experience with Chef, Puppet
  • Experience using containerization technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Experience working and architecting RDBMS (Postgres, MySQL, Amazon RDS or Redshift)
  • Experienced working in/with Lean, DevOps cultures
  • Proficient in source control systems
  • Experience in requirements identification, solution analysis/testing, and product selection
  • Solid background in conventional IT back-office business systems and infrastructure
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills


  • Contributions to Open Source projects.
  • Advanced networking experience and/or knowledge.
  • Security experience and/or knowledge.
  • Experience with microservice and/or event-driven architecture.
  • Knowledge of using distributed stream processing platforms specifically Apache Kafka
  • Experience with Data Warehouses.
  • Past experience working in a highly-regulated industry.
  • Experience working in global companies with multiple geographies.