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JavaScript Engineer



  • Content Platforms are poised to change the way our newsrooms create, develop and interact with content, helping to solve the major challenges of transforming to a digital first organisation while inspiring and empowering our newsrooms to expand their horizons and push the boundaries of how stories will be told in the future. We are an agile, cross-functional and diverse team of just over 50 strong, located in London, Sofia and Bangalore.
  • Our Plan team is dedicated to building the next generation of tooling for our newsrooms to plan, commission and manage workflows for the complex task of getting the news out every day
  • We’re working with Serverless technologies (AWS AppSync), GraphQL, and React to build our tool, NewsGrid. NewsGrid is currently in its beta phase, and we’re working closely with our users in the newsroom to develop new features, learn what works and make the tool the best it can be as we roll it out to everyone.


  • You will be helping us reshape our architecture and systems, working with our Principal Engineers to ensure what we build is fit for the future
  • You will be working with a variety of different codebases and systems, primarily written in JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js), but other languages too
  • You’ll be helping to build new tools and improve existing ones to improve the lives of our colleagues in the newsrooms


  • You’re an engineer with a passion for learning and self development
  • You have a good working knowledge of at least one coding language, understand the principles of build tools and automated deployment and know what good code looks like
  • You understand the importance of testing, writing clean code and collaboration. More than that you’ll have an attitude that is keen and open for growth and learning
  • You’ll be ensuring our applications and infrastructure meet modern and high standards and best practices
  • You’ll be a mentor to your team members and a source of technical expertise in your areas of strength and will learn from others with different strengths


  • Good knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Writing and maintaining JavaScript/TypeScript applications with React & Node.js
  • Any experience or interest in using GraphQL is a plus, especially AWS AppSync
  • Any experience or interest in Elasticsearch / Opensearch

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Equal Opportunity Employer

Here at Questers, we hire great people. No matter how you identify and where you’re from, you can belong here. What’s most important to us is having an inspiring, dynamic team who live our values of collaboration and excellence every day. And we're completely committed to fostering an open, supportive and inclusive culture where everyone can focus on just being themselves while also reaching their full potential.