Ruby Engineer



  • Solid grasp of CS fundamentals
  • A true Polyglot, efficient in or happy to learn Ruby.
  • An advocate of Engineering best practice - you document things clearly and test your code, you frown at people who don’t do this
  • An interest or experience in microservices and/or event-driven architecture
  • A collaborator - you are happy pairing and believe that working together is better than working in a silo.
  • Testing - you believe in testing your code to within an inch of it’s perfectly formed life


As part of our GDPR project you will enjoy working with excellent test coverage, microservices, Kafka and Vault. You will be also focusing on tackling the following challenges:

  • How do we build a low latency, high availability and scalable platform ready for global roll out
  • How do we effectively transition from a monolith to a microservices/event-driven architecture
  • How do we build scalable infrastructure to collect data for real time analytics and risk modelling