Senior Front-end Developer



  • Experience in the role at a Senior level (1-3 years preferred)
  • Great know ledge and proficiency in writing CSS with Sass
  • Great knowledge of JavaScript including patterns, ES6, and testing
  • Great understanding of responsive design techniques
  • Good understanding of building performant websites and the challenges involved
  • Good understanding and experience with agile software delivery and the different approaches that can be used, including tools and processes
  • Good problem solving and debugging skills
  • Decent experience with building accessible websites
  • Consideration for maintainability, security and scalability from the offset
  • Caring, opinionated and passionate about the work you do and able to articulate this well

Any of the following is also great:

  • Experience in working with Python, .NET or Java
  • Experience with developing Sitecore projects
  • Experience with tools and services such as Docker, AWS, and Heroku.
  • Experience with BEM, OOCSS, SMACSS or other CSS methodologies
  • Experience with Node.js and/or server-rendered JavaScript web apps
  • Decent experience with JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as Angular and React
  • Experience with hybrid mobile apps using Ionic or React Native
  • Experience with managing or mentoring a team (mid-weights and juniors)
  • Experience with test driven development and different testing tools
  • Experience with technical SEO implementations
  • Experience with gitflow strategies and deployment best-practices
  • Experience with providing top and low level estimates for projects and strategies for this


We are looking for a Senior Front-End Developer to join our growing company in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment. We want someone who can come in and hit the ground running and get stuck in, someone with passion and drive to help move us forward.

The role will see you working hands-on in our development team as well as with our Head of Development in making strategic decisions towards our goals and targets as a department. You will work closely with our existing Front-End and Design teams by providing support and insight across other projects as well as your own. You will be expected to work throughout the lifecycle of a project, from estimating and resourcing to building, testing and deployment.

The ideal candidate would be someone who can quickly connect and collaborate with our internal project teams to deliver great results. A candidate who can bring in ideas from other areas of expertise and software development would be beneficial. You will report to our Head of Development.