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Senior UI Designer



  • Designing strategy: by contributing to change and making an impact through design by developing product roadmaps, prioritizing based on risk, stewarding product decisions, and embedding standards.
  • Focusing on users: by taking a creative approach to product propositions, defining scope and purpose, based on how it meets user needs and business ambition.
  • Framing problems: as hypotheses to be tested and prioritized based on risk and insight.
  • Communicating design: through storytelling to demonstrate value and intent, achieving desired outcomes.
  • Defining measures: to test assumptions from multiple hypotheses and define metrics to measure success.
  • Testing ideas: by planning and conducting experiments with users and stakeholders to make decisions based on evidence.
  • Creating prototypes: by applying technical knowledge and experience that result in workable prototypes at different levels of fidelity (paper, clickable and code)
  • Designing accessible interfaces: by crafting flows and visual designs that are accessible, meet user needs, and deliver the best possible user experience; embedding inclusive design approaches from conception to delivery.
  • Establishing design patterns: as well as implementing existing design systems and contributing to their development.
  • Collaborating with development teams: by translating designs into user stories, moving products from alpha/prototyping into live at scale and acting on qualitative and quantitative feedback from users of services.


  • Designing inclusive and accessible digital interfaces
  • Leading others on hypothesis-driven design approaches
  • Designing user flows, journeys, interactions and user interfaces
  • Prototyping interactions at the right fidelity (paper, clickable and code)
  • Planning, conducting and leading usability testing with users
  • Defining success measures for digital products at both a feature and strategic level
  • Talking about design in a way others can understand
  • Building trust in user-centred design
  • Establishing design patterns, creating design systems or using existing design systems
  • Leading the organisation and facilitation of design workshops
  • Designing collaboratively with non-designers
  • Coaching/mentoring other designers
  • Working within multidisciplinary agile teams
  • Working across multiple product phases (from research/discovery to live)


  • Prototyping in code (HTML/CSS/javascript)
  • Using web analytics to inform user needs
  • Managing the quality and wellbeing of other designers
  • Training both designers and non-designers
  • Working in central government to the GDS service standard

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