As people-centric company we are devoted to the continuous development and run extensive training programs to enable learning and skills and knowledge enhancment.

Lunch with the Geeks

Internal knowledge-sharing sessions that aim to present and help our engineers share their expertise and points of view on different technologies and programming tools in an interactive manner, and inspire discussions. By enriching participants’ technical knowledge we create higher awareness of the intra-company’s expertise.

Beyond the Keyboard

Soft-skills and multi-discipline training for technologists improving individual’s interactions, job performance, career and higher achievements. Developing one's ability to interact effectively with colleagues and clients is then applicable both in and outside the workplace.

Technical Training & Job Specific Qualifications

Training and certifications in line with employees’ development needs. Through expanding the technical skills and knowledge of our teams we increase productivity. These courses are designed to teach and help team members perform more accurately and thoroughly the technical components of their tasks.

Tech Meet-Ups

Supporting the continuous transformation of cities as IT hubs, we organise free knowledge-sharing seminars where everyone is welcome to join and contribute.