So far, working for the News UK team at Questers has been an amazing experience. All of my colleagues, both from Bulgaria and from the UK, are really helpful.
Gergana Dobrikova
Senior JavaScript Engineer @ News UK team
Working in a productive atmosphere to bring improvement to our services is the best part of my job. The Funding Circle team at Questers is the first place I’ve worked for that puts so much focus on teamwork.
Dimitar Yoldov
Software Engineer @ Funding Circle team
An exceptional team spirit, that proved itself sustainable during the COVID-19 pandemic; an awesome tech stack and an excellent business culture that combines governed technology principles and tool flexibility – these are just some of the reasons why the News UK team at Questers is a great place to work.
Atanas Dichev
Principal DevOps Engineer @ News UK team
Top Talent
through quick on-boarding, competitive and responsible employment.
High Performance
ensuring direct project control, excelled process and reduced costs and risk.
Scalability and Flexibility
by offering bespoke customisation and spin-out options.
Reliable High-End Infrastructure
facilitating collaboration between clients and teams in our tech park.
Security and Compliance
meeting highest Tier1 requirements and certifications.
Strategic Partnerships
based on consistency, transparency and trust to deliver on innovation agendas.