Dedicated teams & BOT

  Questers provides a full range of services to help tech-focused organisations of any size design, expand, manage and integrate dedicated software engineering teams.
With broad skill-sets over many industries we enable companies to expand development capacity and execute on their IT strategies out of our tech parks or on-site.

Top Talent
through quick on-boarding, competitive and responsible employment.
High Performance
ensuring direct project control, excelled process and reduced costs and risk.
Scalability and Flexibility
by offering bespoke customisation and spin-out options.
Reliable High-End Infrastructure
facilitating collaboration between clients and teams in our tech park.
Security and Compliance
meeting highest Tier1 requirements and certifications.
Strategic Partnerships
based on consistency, transparency and trust to deliver on innovation agendas.

  • 01/ Strategy & Operations


    Our persistent focus on remote software development over more than 14 years resulted in building of strong know-how in strategy, defining and planning on different technology resourcing needs.

    Our recruitment and performance specialists provide detailed reviews of the local labour market, trends and capacity in the context of today's global challenges, combined with extensive technology insights.

  • 02/ Resourcing & Recruitment



    We bring opportunities and technologists together. Our team integrates all sourcing channels, making sure we respond dynamically to any requirement.

    Our main Tech Park is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, where we've been operating since 2007 as reliable and well-recognised leading IT employer. The city proved as a hot digital hub, consistently increasing its capacity, while remaining most cost effective option within EU. In addition, we run satellite Recruitment & Resourcing centers attracting talent from the region.

  • 03/ HR & Performance



    Adopting clients' culture into the remote teams is critical for their productivity. Questers dedicated HR and Performance experts support motivation and seemless collaboration.

    We take care of on-boarding, regular surveys, performance appraisals, social benefits programs, events and much more.

    We still ensure that clients retain full control over development, delivery and IP, which significantly reduces risks related to traditional outsourcing.

  • 04/Legal, Admin & Operations



    We administer and are fully responsible for our engineers' background checks, contract arrangements, payroll, social and additional benefits, following strictly local regulations and requirements. We also handle business travel arrangements, accommodation, transfers and bespoke team-building events.

    Dedicated recruiters, HR and account managers meet evolving requirements and provide expert advice.

    The transparency runs through all aspects of our partnerships - from finance, through HR issues to future planning, making precise forecasting on all sides easy.

  • 05/Facilities & Infrastructure



    We run our tech parks seamlessly, meeting highest industry standards and requirements, while also match specific preferences and needs up to the last detail. Conf, teleconf and meeting rooms; dedicated areas; cafeteria, club and relaxing spaces; support, admin and front-desk services - we have it all covered.

  • 06/Build - Operate - Transfer



    Questers is the leading expert in the region with a large and proven portfolio of successful spin-outs, some exceeding teams of 100 engineers, for companies such as eCommera, Accenture Strategy and Ocado Technology.

    We built strong know-how on any aspect of the setup, preparation and seamless tech teams transfer to a new entity, allowing us to offer end-to-end strategic solution for organisations' technology resourcing.