What our clients say about us:

Clients - Questers - Agent 3 - Dan Sands

Questers have proved to be an excellent partner for us in Bulgaria, they have made the process of recruiting high quality staff in Sofia a pleasure. Now our team is established and growing we find the direct relationship we enjoy with them to be far superior to any other approach. At the same time we know we can rely on Questers for those things that can be harder to do at distance, for example payroll, HR law, and providing a great office environment for our team. We now regard team in Sofia as an integral part of our business.

Dan Sands

Managing Partner

Clients - Questers - SpotMe - Pierre Metrailler

SpotMe was founded with the vision of transforming meetings and inspiring participants through mobile technology. Over the years, as we've expanded to become the provider of the most comprehensive mobile event platform worldwide, we've found Questers' ability to provide great talent that integrates easily with our dedication to excellence in service and development invaluable.

Pierre Metrailler


Clients - Questers - CertiVox - Brian Spector

Nearly 4 years into our partnership with Questers, we have a stable team of over 30, including multiple disciplines, and we continue to grow our headcount. This is reflected in our business as we have successfully secured a further £6m of investment in 2014 with the Sofia team being a vital part of Certivox (Miracl).

Brian Spector


Clients - Questers - Accenture - Steve Newland

Having a trusted partner like Questers helped the company achieve great productivity in a highly efficient way.

Steve Newland

Associate Director

Clients - Questers - Sentiment - Leon Chaddock

We are completely confident in the environment and well-being of our team in Sofia, allowing us to concentrate on maximising productivity and delivery.

Leon Chaddock

CEO & Founder

Clients - Questers - eCommera - Andrew McGregor

Questers provided the perfect platform for eCommera to initially set up then scale our Sofia operation quickly.

Andrew McGregor


Clients - Questers - Funding Circle - Jesus Fernandez

I've personally worked with Questers for a whole year now, and everyday I happen to appreciate more the quality, response and counsel that Questers provide to Funding Circle’s needs.
For us is important that our guys feel assisted and comfortable in their day-to-day job and that any blocker to our working environment is quickly resolved.
Questers would provide quick responses and facilitate recommendations to improve team effectiveness. Funding Circle’s values are definitely embedded within our local team in Sofia and I cannot be prouder of it!

Jesus Fernandez

Engineering Manager

Clients - Questers - IMD - Edwin Desa

Collaboration with Questers has been successful because they have an excellent network to help us rapidly assess and find the appropriate talented resources.

Edwin Desa

IT Development Manager