Who we are

Questers is an IT collaboration company specialized in developing a high performing platform integrating processes and services for tech-oriented companies. We build and help our clients run fully dedicated teams in Eastern Europe. Back in 2007 we pioneered a new approach to remote IT resourcing. Since then we have employed more than 1000 developers, testers and technical support specialists for over 50 clients from Europe, UK and the US operating across a variety of sectors.

“More than 1000 developers, testers and technical support specialists for over 50 clients from Europe, UK and the US”

Resourcing Needs Analysis & Consulting

Resourcing Needs Analysis & Consultin

We are passionate about providing high quality service to our clients. Therefore, we have carefully established a team of experienced resourcing and performance specialists that have a deep understanding of the local markets combined with extensive international know-how and profound technical knowledge.

Our expert team will analyse the resourcing needs you experience and come back with advise on how to most effectively satisfy these and what nearshore strategy you should follow. We’ll guide you on what would be the right team size for you, how to structure it and manage team communication once the team is set up. Based on our deep expertise in recruiting and retaining high performing IT teams we’ll provide you with insights regarding the local labour market and talent pool availability.

Recruitment & Team Set-Up


Our client-oriented approach helps us establish strong relationships and work closely together with our clients to better understand their needs and how they can be effectively satisfied. Once we have a clear vision of what your business needs are our consultants will manage the whole recruitment process to make sure we find the right professionals as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The combination of traditional and innovative sourcing methods makes sure we will leave no channel unexplored and find the perfect fits for your business. As we value our clients’ time we will carefully select and put forward only the right matches in terms of skill sets and personality characteristics. Our specialists will advise you on the specifics of the local markets and at the same time tailor the selection process so that it fits your well-set company processes and practices. Once the selection process is complete, we’ll take care of the negotiation process with the chosen candidates and to extend mutually acceptable offers.

Facilities & Infrastructure Management

Facilites & Infrastructure Management

Once team members are selected we create a fully furnished, comfortable and inspiring working space branded and equipped according to your requirements and preferences. We take care of the whole infrastructure and internet set up so once aboard your team will be able to entirely focus on their work assignments. Based on your specific needs you’ll have access to video and audio conferencing systems as well as 24/7 IT administration and support services.

Legal & Administration Services

Legal & Administration Services

Becoming familiar with local legal requirements is often a challenge. Therefore, our admin team takes care of all employment contracts and the related documentation and procedures required by the state. We also look after the payroll management related to salaries, social contribution and tax payments for your team.

HR & Performance Management


Our trained HR experts will take care of everything needed to seamlessly integrate your dedicated team with the headquarters, keep their motivation high and help them and you perform better. Whether it’s an induction training, employee satisfaction survey, performance appraisal or a knowledge-sharing session among employees – we take care of it all. We are committed to continual improvement, so constantly invest in research and create libraries of best practice recommendations based on years of experience and many case studies to ensure the challenging performance goals are reached as effectively as possible.

Being a people-oriented company we are devoted to the continuous development of our employees. We have developed a stimulating social benefits programme with various employee perks, regularly organize inspiring team-bonding events and offer an extensive training programme for our clients’ teams to learn, develop and enhance their skills and knowledge.

Operations Support


Being devoted to excellent client service we’ll provide you with a team of dedicated recruitment, HR and infrastructure specialists that will be at your disposal to help resolve any resourcing needs you may experience. Our English native speaking account managers will guide you through the whole process and provide expert advice on nearshore team management. We’ll also help you make visits at the delivery location a smooth experience by offering support on travel arrangement, accommodation, transfers and team-building events for your in-house team.

What we offer

Technology Talent

Technology Talent

Being a people-oriented high-tech company offering exceptional work environment allows us to attract and retain the best people from the local labour market in a wide range of technologies.

We operate in the fastest developing nearshore location in Europe but also access talent across other Eastern European locations as well as easily employ native speakers in a variety of languages: English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Polish.

Direct Project Control & Reduced Risk

Direct Project Control & Reduced Risk

For us direct management means clients have full control of their development. Your home and remote teams will enjoy direct communication such as stand-up meetings or one to one calls and whatever methods best suits the job at hand, allowing effective shaping and control of the development process.

Remaining in full control of your projects helps reduce project delivery risks related to outsourcing with third party providers. At the same time any employment legal exposure stays with Questers.

Performance & Productivity

Performance & Productivity

Clients regularly report that their teams achieve 95-100% of the productivity of in-house staff within 3 months. Our Performance Managers have experience and expertise to bridge geographically dispersed teams, without getting in the way of day-to-day task management. Our purpose is to advise on best practices and maintain an overview on any aspects of the relationship to ensure that our client’s team continually performs to the expected high standards. Our experts will work closely with your dedicated team to keep their motivation high and proactively improve the daily communication with your headquarters.



We seek strong client relationships based on trust and transparency runs through all aspects of the partnership with our clients from financial arrangements, through colleague issues to future planning. Our transparent pricing model will help you plan precisely your annual budgets.

Cost Advantages

Cost Advantages

By choosing our resourcing platform you will be able to realize up to 30-50% cost savings compared to recruiting, onboarding and retaining a team locally and have nearshore team performing as strong as your in-house employees. You will at the same time benefit from having full control of your projects and keeping your IP protected. Unlike traditional outsourcing with our model you’ll avoid the hidden costs related to knowledge transfer and achieve better project cohesion.

Spin-out Options

Spin-off Options

Once your team grows big or simply in case your business requires different working model we can transfer your dedicated team to your own entity. We’ll guide and support you to ensure process is smooth and does not affect any on-going projects.

Our Team

neal gandhi

Neal Gandhi

Non-Executive Director

Neal is a serial entrepreneur with four successful exits under his belt. He is currently Founder and CEO of The Panoply, a company aiming to become a large Pan European technology led consultancy focused on delivering cutting edge projects in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, Internet of Things and Blockchain. In addition, Neal is a co-founder and Non-Executive Director of Questers, providing skills to clients wishing to leverage emerging technologies. In his capacity as a prolific angel investor, Neal also has numerous non-exec positions in a range of early stage companies.

Outside of work, he is chairman of The Rainmaker Foundation, a charities accelerator programme helping charities transition to more sustainable funding models and is also a signatory to the Founders Pledge.

aldexander drangajov

Alexander Drangajov

Chief Executive Officer

Alexander has lead Questers since 2008. Initially managed the rapid growth of our Sofia-based IT delivery center and then successfully reinvent and transform into a leading collaboration platform expanding tech parks around Eastern Europe.

Al also focuses on the development of the local IT and science talent pools through education initiatives, policy changes and growing partnership opportunities with global businesses. Harvard Business School PLD alumnus, class of 2012. Keen on long-distance running, wine-making and adventure. Excited about ‘getting new good things started’.

rob wirszycz

Rob Wirszycz


Rob works as a Chairman, director and business advisor for software, services, communications, media, and online ventures. He is non-exec chairman of Reflective, Bluesource, Y-Cam, Celaton, Datrix and Portal; non-exec director of Clarity International, Limitear and Peter Spanton Beverages; and an advisor to ISS and Innovation Group plc among others. Before 'going plural', Rob was the Marketing & Strategy Director and Head of Global Alliances at EDS (now HP), Director General of CSSA (now Intellect), the UK IT Industry Trade Association, and e senior executive (CEO, COO, Director of Marketing) with public and private companies in UK and Japan. Rob has an MBA and is a Chartered IT Professional. He is a visiting Senior Fellow at Cass Business School and a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.

maya ruseva

Maya Ruseva


Maya Ruseva has joined the group of companies in 2008 with proven HR background in the IT industry. Maya’s position in Questers is Operational Director and she is leading the process of defining and translating client’s business demands into successful HR solutions. Maya’s passion is to work with business acumen but also with positive rational attitude to help clients mastering the complexities of working across different countries and cultures.

Maya is Chartered Member of CIPD, Europe's largest professional body for HR and People Development.

thomas addy

Thomas Addy


Thomas joined the group of companies in 2008 and is currently responsible for the overall financial management and reporting, whilst also ensuring that a high level of integrity and transparency exists across the group of companies.

Prior to taking up his current role, Thomas worked extensively managing and leading Finance Teams in China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, and the US. Thomas is a ‘results oriented strategic doer’, always seeking to add significant value in any fast paced growth environment such as Questers. He holds a MPhil degree in Economics and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

daniel hosking

Daniel Hosking

Head of Delivery

After joining Questers in 2010, Daniel has worked with technology businesses from the UK, US and Europe, ensuring successful integration and establishing strong working relationships with teams across multiple locations in Bulgaria, India, China and South Africa. Holding a firm belief that there are no true barriers to the performance and delivery of a co-located structure, Daniel is focussed on ensuring that Questers continues to provide the needed services, evolving to support our partner company’s growth and success.

A graduate in Business, Daniel is a keen sportsman and now enjoying life as an ex-pat in Sofia.

tatyana marinova

Tatyana Marinova

Head of Growth

Since joining Questers in 2010 Tatyana and her team have successfully placed more than 400 IT Specialists within clients’ teams in Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. Tatyana has solid experience in establishing and scaling-up highly efficient development, support and test teams with various technical background for UK, US and European clients. While ensuring all resourcing needs are met and service conforms to the highest quality levels Tatyana is also overseeing potential new locations and responsible for the company’s further expansion. Enjoys traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.