Questers strives for technical excellence and offers clients exceptional talent in applied Computer Science. Many of our engineers participate actively in research and academic work and are eager to propose cutting edge ideas to accelerate the delivery of new and innovative propositions to market. Some current innovation use cases include:

AI & Machine Learning

Businesses are waking up to the need to adopt intelligent automation, algorithms and process optimization into their operations, with the resulting actionable business information delivering new value to themselves and their clients. Typically, those working in AI have a strong grounding in maths, a particular strength of the Bulgarian educational system, which means we are able to assemble teams with the requisite skills and experience within relatively short timescales.


The use of Blockchain or secure distributed ledgers, is moving beyond the field of crypto-currencies and into mainstream use within sectors such as financial services and logistics.

While benefitting from a background of academic and technical excellence, we source engineers who can evaluate processes and priorities and recommend where best value can be gained from the use of blockchain technologies.

Internet of Things

The so-called internet-of-things or IoT, where sensors and devices are mapped and linked together, machine-to-machine, to create new data sources, is exciting many of our clients. Using our access to deep pools of broad technology talent we are able to rapidly form teams of core technologists that bring business thinking to reality.

Cyber Security

Top of the agenda in many boardrooms is how to prevent data security breaches, and a whole industry has grown up to supply innovative solutions to these challenges. Questers has helped a number of security start-ups become scale-ups with ready access to talent in back-end and deep network technologies.

Multi-Channel Retail

In retail, lacking capabilities in any competitive aspect means one thing - losing customers. Questers has deep experience in bringing the latest trends and innovations in IT to successful retail clients. Innovations our teams have supported include drop ship vending, returns portals, fraud detection, mobile apps, among many others. All these solutions are built using enterprise level agile methods, with the Questers team working in close collaboration with others in different development centres.

Fintech, InsurTech, RegTech…

The Questers approach, using dedicated teams, gives well-established businesses in sectors like banking and insurance ‘start-up’ -like freedom and flexibility to deploy the latest developments in cloud computing, automation and mobile. Our teams, working in close collaboration with ‘home’ teams, can accelerate new product development by months, as they are highly focused on the task in hand and do not have the distractions inherent in corporate life.