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A day in the life of a Lead Engineer at Funding Circle team at Questers


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Georgi Kostov has been part of the Funding Circle team at Questers since 2018. He joined the team as a Software Engineer, has largely progressed in his career and is now a Tech Lead of one of the teams. We talked to him to find out more about his responsibilities, challenges and excitements. See what he told us:

What does your typical day at the Funding Circle team look like?

A typical day of mine starts at roughly 9 o'clock, looking at my calendar and planning the day in advance while enjoying a cup of Joe.

My day revolves mostly between the IDE and the command line on one side and discussing ideas in meetings on the other.

In addition, as a tech lead of one of the teams in Funding Circle, some of my other day-to-day responsibilities involve helping the team deliver on time, discovering training needs, and giving guidance.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

It boils down to these three: helping others succeed, seeing a difficult problem get solved and most importantly - the opportunity to work with talented individuals who shape a unique company culture. Everyone has a desire to give back, to contribute and to challenge themselves.

Also, the fact that Funding Circle is a mission-driven company on a quest to help SMEs with their funding needs.

And the most challenging?

That would be keeping in pace with all of the new technological changes in the industry. That is what actually makes me love my profession as a software engineer.

What new skills have you picked up while at Funding Circle team?

When it comes to technical skills - I consider myself technology-agnostic. Not to mention that the role of a software engineer is not necessarily writing code but solving technical problems. There is always something new to learn or explore, new technologies come and they go. At this stage, I am not that excited by the particular tooling but by the ideas that can be achieved. I find it equally important to not only be technically literate but also to be able to sell your ideas to the relevant people and help them see the benefits.

Other than that, the first thing that comes to mind is doing proper technical interviews. We raise the bar high. Interviewing is the single most important people process that a given company should have. Nowadays, people are more connected than ever, good specialists are getting more discoverable and attracted by companies that offer opportunities. At Funding Circle, we have a lot to offer but we also sustain and develop our company culture by being serious about who we pick. Every engineer is involved in the process.

Name the top 3 things that make Funding Circle team awesome.

  • Funding Circle fosters hierarchies based on competence, so important and difficult tasks can get done.
  • We use a wide spectrum of technologies and there is always something new to learn.
  • The company culture and the high energy of people.

Do you see yourself as part of Georgi’s team? Check out these vacancies and apply.

A day in the life of a Lead Engineer at Funding Circle team at Questers | Questers


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