A day in the life of a Senior Front-end Developer at Funding Circle team  - Questers

A day in the life of a Senior Front-end Developer at Funding Circle team


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Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a Senior Front-end Developer at Funding Circle team at Questers looks like? Well, we couldn't miss the opportunity to introduce you to one of our skillful software engineers - Hristo Stamenov, who has been part of the team for more than half a year now.

Here’s what he shared with us about his work life and the challenges he’s facing.

1. Tell us about yourself. How did you get into coding?

Hello, I'm Hristo Stamenov. I'm 33 years old with a lifelong passion for technology.

My journey began at the age of 5 when I was playing with MS-DOS at my mother's office. The thrill of creating folders and mastering commands (hey, it was MS-DOS era), coupled with the joy of playing Lion King (using floppy disks!) made me want to know more about computers.

This early exposure laid the foundation for my decision to pursue a career in technology. I delved into computer studies, driven by a clear vision of integrating them into my future, leading to a fulfilling career in coding.

2. What does your typical day at Funding Circle team look like?

The work at Funding Circle can be described as a dynamic mix of technical deep dives, collaborative discussions and strategic planning.

I start every morning with a thorough email review and crash report analysis. This initial assessment ensures that I am fully aware of all potential issues and can prioritise my tasks based on their importance.

Following this, I participate in our standup meeting, which often leads to a technical discussion. This meeting is essential for keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring that we are working together effectively to achieve our goals.

The rest of the day is a blend of focused coding sessions interspersed with strategic meetings. This structure allows me to stay on top of our projects while contributing to the team's overall progress.

3. What’s your favourite part of the job?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is the efficiency - completing five tasks ahead of schedule, especially when they are complex, is immensely satisfying. These moments of exceeding expectations and tackling challenging tasks are the most satisfying for me. It's these moments of surpassing expectations and tackling challenging tasks that I find most gratifying. And, as I like to say to the team in moments like this “5 bugs, 1 down, well…4 more bugs to go”.

4. And the most challenging?

The greatest challenge is managing delays in task completion while maintaining active participation in all scheduled meetings. Communicating progress under these circumstances requires a delicate balance of honesty and great optimism. Sometimes, it's like walking a tightrope, making sure everyone knows what's going on, but at the same time, keeping the team motivated and focused on moving forward despite the bumps in the road.

5. What new skills have you picked up while at Funding Circle team?

My time at Funding Circle allows me to expand my knowledge and explore new technical areas.

I've honed my skills in Lambda functions and am currently exploring Terraforming. These skills are enhancing my technical repertoire and contributing to my professional growth.

The process of acquiring new skills is challenging yet rewarding. It requires both commitment and perseverance. Each new skill I acquire enables me to manage more complex projects and contribute more effectively to the team.

6. Name the top 3 things that make the Funding Circle team awesome.

Firstly, it's the team spirit at Funding Circle that truly stands out – there's a palpable sense of camaraderie and mutual support that creates positive work environment.

Secondly, the company provides plenty of opportunities both for personal and professional growth.

And lastly, the value placed on individual feedback and suggestions is incredibly empowering and makes a tangible difference. This reflects a culture that encourages open communication and fosters a sense of cohesion among the team, contributing to a dynamic and innovative workplace.

7. What advice would you give to someone just starting their career as a developer?

My key advice for budding developers is to prioritize quality over speed. Writing good, clean code is more crucial than the pace of coding. Developing this habit early in your career will set a strong foundation for long-term success.

Do you see yourself as part of Hristo’s team? Check out these vacancies and apply.

A day in the life of a Senior Front-end Developer at Funding Circle team | Questers


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