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Dedicated Тeams & FinTech businesses (Case Study)


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The model of Dedicated Teams for augmenting development and operational capacity can be successfully implemented in a range of different industries. FinTech – being one of the fastest developing sectors and with companies continuously innovating in the fields of finance, online payments, loans, credit scoring, stock trading and more, is one of the tech sectors that can benefit greatly from this kind of remote resourcing settings.

How can a remote dedicated team support a FinTech organization?

The Dedicated Teams model brings enormous benefits for FinTech businesses, both short and long term. This approach can help scale engineering capacity, supporting development needs on ongoing projects. And then, in a long term, the newly-formed engineering unit can boost innovation and reduce costs. Things that FinTech companies continuously seek to achieve in order to stay competitive and continue their growth.

FinTech businesses & dedicated teams in practice

Questers has successfully collaborated with a great number of FinTech companies building various-sized engineering teams in accordance with their business needs. The following case study presents the story of an innovative FinTech company that as result of an exponential growth back in 2014, encountered the need to expand its software engineering division. Our partner did that quite successfully through the model of Dedicated Teams. Furthermore, their remote team within Questers became an important development unit that to date is tasked with crucial development projects and enjoys a great retention rate.

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