Doing good while eating good – or how Questers is partnering with Skapto to support TimeHeroes - Questers

Doing good while eating good – or how Questers is partnering with Skapto to support TimeHeroes

Do you love good deeds and delicious burgers? So do we! Therefore, we combined those two in a special campaign with Skapto - one of the greatest burger chains in Bulgaria, in support of TimeHeroes - the biggest volunteering platform in the country.

This month, together with Skapto, we’ve launched an exclusive “Q-burger” – the first smash burger on the chain’s menu, prepared with 100% limousin beef, juicy BBQ sauce, melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and red onion. The good part is that with our support during the whole month, 10% of its revenue will be donated to TimeHeroes in support of their work with young volunteers.

Through the initiative “Heroes’ cup” - an annual competition for students’ volunteering clubs, TimeHeroes aims to teach young people one of the most valuable life lessons – how to help others. Now, with the support from the “Q-burger” campaign, they plan to organize a series of photo and video workshops for the participants to help them acquire creative and digital skills on how to capture and popularize the good deeds they are constantly doing.

Besides the financial support for the workshops, the campaign will help popularize the amazing work of TimeHeroes and encourage even more people to volunteer and do good.

Should you be hungry and looking to support this initiative, make sure to grab a “Q-burger” at one of Skapto’s restaurants in Sofia and Plovdiv or order it online.

Questers & TimeHeroes

For the last couple of years, Questers has been collaborating with TimeHeroes on various occasions through our Giving Programme. We’ve supported their work by purchasing their delicious “chocolates with a cause”, hosting a joint donation campaign for Ukrainian refugees and have been taking part in volunteering opportunities popularized through their platform.
The new initiative in support of the TimeHeroes’ work with young volunteers falls within the main focus of Questers’ Giving Programme – education, and we can’t wait to see the positive results of it.