Every day at PremFina team is different and every project that we work on has its challenges. - Questers

Every day at PremFina team is different and every project that we work on has its challenges.

Mihael Mladenov
Head of Engineering & Development at PremFina team @Questers

What do you like about working at PremFina team at Questers?

PremFina is a FinTech scale-up company that is disrupting the premium finance industry – a traditional market which hasn’t evolved much for the past 30 years. Working on cutting edge technologies, solving hard problems and seeing how the software we do makes people’s lives easier, are the things I like the most about my job. Collaborating with ambitious and talented people that have a can-do attitude is a privilege that inspires everyone to push themselves harder every single day. And this creates a very dynamic and agile culture, which reflects itself not only in the way we approach work but also in the way we communicate with each other.

How do PremFina and Questers keep you motivated and engaged?

Being part of a team like the one we have in PremFina is something very hard to find. We are always pushing ourselves to become better, to get to know more, to get to do more. Every day is different, and every project that we work on has its challenges. What keeps me motivated and engaged is that we always keep moving forward, no matter what, and are always working on something new and challenging.

How has being part of PremFina team influenced your career?

Working in an agile, fast-moving scale-up gives you the ability to get to know very quickly many different parts of the business – be it marketing, finance, risk management, client services or IT. It enables you to talk to anyone within the business, to make decisions very quickly, and to deliver much faster without spending too much time on meetings, documentation or bureaucracy. In PremFina we aim to be positive, to always try to find a solution instead of an excuse and to stay proactive and be the owner in anything we do. Our culture is based on the idea that as long as you have the right mindset and approach, the sky is the limit.

What are your favourite parts of your job?

PremFina provides white-labelled premium finance software and financing options to insurance brokers. It’s quite exciting to be working for a company that is disrupting the financial industry. Working on challenging projects, being able to take part in the architecture and design of the software solutions we implement and seeing the result of our work are some of the most exciting things that keep me moving forward. For me, all this is the result of the “work hard, play hard” culture we are cultivating within PremFina.

What would you like to do in the future? / What are your future aspirations?

I’d like to continue doing more of the same, i.e. help to build a highly successful company that is disrupting a whole industry on the global level.

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