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Happy Programmer’s Day!


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We all know at least one geeky guy or girl who thinks in numbers, has the superpower to solve all kinds of puzzles and probably experiences some difficulties in explaining what exactly he or she does as a programmer to the ordinary people. Also known as Software Engineers or Developers, these people make our everyday life in the modern world much easier. They are developing stuff we probably can’t live without nowadays. They are responsible for your mobile phone, its operating system and all cool apps you are using, the software of your computer, your browser, the social platforms and websites you are browsing, not to mention the trendy technologies such as AI, IoT, VR and much more.

Today we are celebrating the hard work and passionate devotion of millions of programmers around the world and we would like to wish them clean and bug-free code and hope the compiler force will be with them!

Why September 13th?

The Programmer’s day is celebrated on the 0x100, 2^8 or 256th day of the year – September 13 on a regular year and September 12 on a leap one. The number 256 relates to the 8-bit byte – a very important unit to the programmers.  It represents the maximum number of distinct values in one byte, including the zero. 256 is also the highest power of 2, that is less than the overall days in the year.

How to celebrate the Day of the Programmer?

You may find various ways of celebrating that day over the internet, but here are some that caught our attention:

  • Decorate a tree with ones and zeroes to make it binary;
  • Organise a themed binary party;
  • Write a wish in ASCII code;
  • Hold a contest for the best programming joke;

Do you celebrate the Programmer’s Day? We do. And we are also looking for passionate engineers and developers to join us, so make sure you check the available opportunities here.

Happy Programmer’s Day! | Questers


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