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How your еCommerce business can benefit from the Dedicated Team model

The Dedicated Team model and its extended version – BOT (Build – Operate – Transfer), are an excellent opportunity for eCommerce businesses to quickly and efficiently grow operational capacity. These two strategic models could be applied to the entire cycle of eCommerce operations – from project development and execution to marketing, monitoring and optimization, offering processes and costs optimizations.

By building and managing distributed teams for more than 13 years, Questers has helped a number of various-sized eCommerce companies grow operations and stay efficient. So, here’s where the Dedicated Team model could be of great use for eCommerce companies.

Software Development

Dedicated teams could bring extensive technical expertise in the process of e-commerce websites’ development. Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria offer a large pool of experts with broad skillset (JavaScript, PHP, and other frequently used in web development technologies along with platforms such as Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware), Magento are well-known by local talent).

Through the Dedicated Team model, eCommerce businesses could easily access such distant talent pool and swiftly grow their productivity scope. A well-built and integrated remote dev team could assist the development of websites and mobile apps, improve competitiveness and ensure a seamless user experience across various platforms. Here’s one successful example of Javelin Group, part of Accenture Strategy, growing a Dedicated Team with the support of Questers.

Quality Assurance & Tech Support

QA and technical support teams are an inseparable part of a company’s tech division. They supplement the work of the software development teams and ensure the delivery of high-quality products and continuous maintenance.

QA and tech support divisions could also be built under the model of Dedicated Teams. There is a high talent availability of such specialists in the traditional nearshoring destinations. Professionals are usually well educated, and a high foreign languages penetration is also observed.

Remote QA teams could be charged with the same tasks as the local ones. They are able to perform automation and manual test activities, depending on the specific case and project. And also define, implement and continuously improve new testing strategies.

Dedicated tech support teams, on the other hand, could take care of various customer issues, following the company’s established escalation procedures. This usually makes them a natural extension of the in-house support team.

eCommerce Websites Administration

The model of a Dedicated Team could be applied in creating a remote division of web administration experts as well. This type of teams could be set to support all direct-to-consumer operations at businesses’ eCommerce websites, as well as manage content on multiple eTailer sites such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Tmall, JD and more.

Questers has successfully built teams that fully manage D2C campaigns testing and planning, launch promo initiatives and take care of insights reporting. These teams enhance customer engagement practices, improve the execution of promotional campaigns and optimize customer support processes. As our clients report, they also handle the content management of a diverse set of eTail platforms covering all stages from New Product Introduction (NPI) to existing content audit and optimization.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Digital presence and SEO is yet another area of operations that could benefit from the Dedicated Team model. Nearshored digital marketing and SEO divisions could be extremely efficient in coordinating various activities associated with a product’s online release and digital presence.

Eastern European countries offer a pool of exceptional professionals in this field who could take care of content assets creation and management. They also could be delegated the responsibilities to cover product launches and perform continuous monitoring, analysis and optimization.

Digital Design

To increase the capacity of the content generation divisions, eCommerce businesses could also take advantage of a Dedicated Team of experienced designers. People in those teams could be charged with the creation of performance-driven content to increase sales and improve ROI. They could also produce various visual assets and ensure design coverage for different eCommerce platforms, promotional campaigns and ad-hoc requests. From our experience dedicated design teams perform very well in applying brand guidelines correctly, providing consistency and high-quality design.

Business Data Analytics

Nearshored consultants with expertise in data analytics could bring a deep understanding of eCommerce insights. Some of the responsibilities that could be delegated to those teams include integration of various data sources, building analytic frameworks and delivering valuable insights and recommendations to ensure data-driven decisions.

Keen on exploring the benefits the Dedicated Teams could offer for your eCommerce business? Do not hesitate to reach out to us, we will be happy to share more.