“Quality, performance and maintainability are key words in our engineering team” - Questers

“Quality, performance and maintainability are key words in our engineering team”

Daniel Ruiz, Co-founder & CTO at Zeelo

The story of our new partner Zeelo started a while back when its co-founders (Sam, Barney and Dani) worked together to rebuild the digital capability of Addison Lee (a private hire cab and courier company) with engineering teams in Cambodia, Spain, India and Russia. In 2016, they left to start Zeelo, with many other former colleagues making the move to form Zeelo’s early team.

Now as the company is growing, and we are looking to hire the first people for their new development team in Sofia, we talked to one of its co-founders and CTO Daniel Ruiz to share more about what makes Zeelo a great place to work in. Read on.

Tell us a bit about Zeelo. What was the main driver to set up the company?

I and the other co-founders of Zeelo were frustrated by the way the world moves. We believed transport services needed to be designed around the rider, not the operator.

So we got going. A couple of friends on a mission to reinvent the way people travel. We got together to build an algorithm that understood when large groups of underserved people wanted to travel.

What problems does Zeelo solve?

Zeelo is a smart bus platform enabling access to safe and sustainable transportation for everyday journeys. The company works with employers, schools and fleet operators to deliver bus programs that provide a viable alternative to driving a car, in order to support staff recruitment and to reduce CO2 emissions from commuting.

We’re now recruiting the first members of the software development team in Bulgaria. What kind of people do you see on these positions and why are they an exciting opportunity?

We’re looking for proactive software engineers that want to work on projects that will have a positive impact on the planet and want to become a part of a very talented team of engineers.

Quality, performance and maintainability are keywords in our engineering team, so we’re looking to grow a team with these values very present.

What makes it great being part of Zeelo?

We’ve got a very nice engineering and company culture. The product is great, and the mission is to make the world a better place by democratizing the access to transportation.

Seeking exciting career opportunities? The new Zeelo team we are building might be what you are looking for. We have multiple Front-end (React) and Back-end (PHP) roles and will be glad to share more. So, make sure you check them out and send us your CV.