Questers teams inspire students to pursue a career in IT - Questers

Questers teams inspire students to pursue a career in IT


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During a series of discussions in the past two weeks, colleagues from the MIRACL, PremFina and News UK teams at Questers met students from the national programme “IT career” – a 3-year course on programming designed for high school students. The discussions aimed to give the students a good grasp of what the software engineer profession is like.

Each team shared insights based on their field of expertise, about the technologies they are using and answered any questions the students had.

The subject of the discussion with the MIRACL team was Cyber Security and Authentication. Our colleagues gave an overview of the basics of Cryptography and a brief description of their multi-factor authentication platform. The future engineers were curious to learn more about the difference between two-step and two-factor authentication, the best practices in protecting their data and how a typical working day of the MIRACL team looks like.

During the talk with PremFina team, another group of students had the chance to learn more about the FinTech and InsureTech sector and the cutting-edge technologies the team is currently using. Our colleagues introduced the different roles in their dev team and how each one of them contributes to the development of the final product. They also gave useful tips on how to learn new technologies and shared good methodologies and online resources.

The session with the News UK team was dedicated to the Media sector in the digital world and the development of mobile applications. Our colleagues explained some of the specifics of developing media apps that need to be compatible with various devices and operating systems. Students were also curious to learn more about the work in a team of a more substantial size and what to expect of their first job interview.

In addition, topics such as digital targeting and advertising, content strategies and sources of information were discussed as well.

At the end of these series of talks, we were all impressed with how intelligent and informed those young people were. As a company that supports the Bulgarian IT community and its continuous growth, we were happy to welcome these curious and thirsty for knowledge students and we hope our colleagues gave them a better understanding of the profession of IT specialists and further motivated them to pursue a career in the sector. We have no doubts that they would become exceptional engineers and we would be very happy next time they visit the office, to welcome them, not as students, but rather as colleagues.

Questers teams inspire students to pursue a career in IT | Questers


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