„We want to ensure that we create the best, fun, exciting, engaged, valued, and safe workplace for our employees“ - Questers

„We want to ensure that we create the best, fun, exciting, engaged, valued, and safe workplace for our employees“

Cargill is one of Questers’ global partners that have trusted us to support the growth of their team in Bulgaria. We’ve been successfully collaborating with them for a few years now and have attracted very exceptional and talented people for their Sofia unit. To tell us more about their work and what kind of people they are looking to further attract, we talked to Uruel Wernars, an EMEA PMO Manager. Keep reading:

You are an EMEA PMO Manager at Cargill. How did you come into this position?

Throughout my career, I have developed myself to become a passionate transformational leader who is able to inspire, influence, encourage and motivate others towards success.

With the trust in myself that others would see my potential, I worked in many different service delivery and project management roles to showcase my capabilities.

Within Cargill, I have found my reward for all of the hard work. In my current role as the EMEA PMO Manager I can be an advocate in our organization for agility and ensure that we are all ready to act in this fast-changing world with strategic enablers that focus on people & culture, disruption and innovation, transformation and differentiated management “to thrive the world”.

You are closely engaged with the Cargill team at Questers – what are your impressions from your work with Questers and the consultants engaged through them?

What I see, is a team that really wants to deliver what we, as Cargill, are looking for. A team that is willing to learn, so we can grow in our relationship and understand our needs better. The people in the team are always open, transparent and candid, just as we are as an organization.

We will call out what went well, but also our improvement areas from both sides.

What types of projects is the team working on?

From the roles of project coordination, project management, program management, scrum masters and agile coaches we want our business to see the PMO team as a trusted partner to enable business transformations in ERP, Digital, Smart Manufacturing, Finance, Tax, MOM/MES, plant space and many more.

Why is it exciting being part of this team and Cargill?

Besides the fact that you will be working for Cargill as one of the largest international private owned companies with over 160.000 employees and operating in 72 countries you will experience that we are a ‘family’; meaning that everyone will always be available to support you as a colleague. We are focused on diversity, inclusion, parity and by following our Cargill values we want to ensure that we create the best, fun, exciting, engaged, valued, SAFE workplace for our employees.

What kinds of people are you looking to hire through Questers?

We want to focus on future talent for our company. Not too much focused on the past but looking forward to the present and future. We are looking for your “personality”, we want to get to know you! What are you looking for, what gets you excited, what do you love in life, what is your passion, where do you get energy from and what can you bring to Cargill. You need to be eager to learn new things, stretch your own potential and bring the best forward in yourself.  In return we will look what we as Cargill can mean to you and support you in your journey within our organization.

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