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What are the advantages of .Net and how could it get better?


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On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the first release of .Net, we talked with our colleague Tsvetelin Tsanev, a .Net & Node.js engineer at team Dow Jones. Tsvetelin has more than 10 years of experience with the framework and has a lot to share about it. Here’s what he told us:

When did you start using the .NET framework?

I was 18 when I created my first C# application, now I’m 31.

What was the first thing you built in .NET?

A calculator. I believe every new developer should start with a calculator app. It teaches the basics of syntax in any language. Furthermore, it doesn’t require a complex understanding of the framework.

What are you currently working on?

I am building scalable, real-time, resilient applications in the cloud at the Dow Jones Technology engineering team. My main focus at the moment is on developing and maintaining a microservice oriented synthetic monitoring solution.

I am excited that in the team, we use cutting-edge tools to develop business-critical software solutions. We're supporting a dynamic business that provides the world's most comprehensive collection of news and data to a broad spectrum of enterprise clients. And I believe we are doing a great job together.

In your opinion how has .NET evolved over the years?

At first, I was very sceptic because of Microsoft’s involvement with XAML. The core purpose of XAML is to split responsibilities between developers and designers. But, basically, it requires designers to work with XAML. No sane designer wants to work with XAML.

Throughout the years, Microsoft shifted its focus to open source and cross-platform. I like that and support it wholeheartedly.

Nowadays, with the recent news of MAUI, Blazor, and WinUI, it feels like Microsoft is developing 3 different technologies. I can’t say I’m excited about this. Take a look at Blazor – while utilizing WebAssembly, it enforces “razor” syntax, which only ASP developers are comfortable with. Besides, compatibility with existing frameworks is abysmal. Yes, it’s possible, but probably no non-.NET dev would switch to it. If Microsoft had enabled C# WASM within any framework - React, Angular or other, they would have gotten much wider audience.

And while open-source and cross-platform is a step in the right direction, in my opinion, Microsoft should try making .Net more accessible and attractive for broader audiences.

What are the main advantages of .NET?
It is open source, and somewhat cross-platform.
WinForms and WPF enable RAD development of desktop apps. ASP.NET and Blazor enable RAD development of web apps.

However, there’s still much room for improvements in terms of optimization and performance.

Interested in working with .Net and building scalable, real-time, resilient applications? Check out the vacancies we have for the Dow Jones team at Questers here.

What are the advantages of .Net and how could it get better? | Questers


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