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Why Use a Dedicated Team?


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Whether it comes to starting a new company, expanding your current development capacity or mapping out a new project, choosing the right talent for the job is essential and most of the time makes the difference between success and failure.

Companies from startups to enterprises, take advantage of global resources for their projects. Their teams are spread thousands of kilometers away. However, with the benefit of additional capability come the risks. Whether it’s a remote rent-a-coder arrangement or a vanilla outsourcing partner - there are a number of pitfalls and long-term considerations when structuring a tech team.

One proven alternative to address them is the dedicated team model. A dedicated team allows companies to expand their in-house resources with a remote team of IT professionals, maintaining full control of operations while enjoying flexibility and scaling options according to their needs. This way the remote operation takes long-term care of tech implementation using the right know-how in strategy and planning. All of this while working as part of your operations.

What are the main advantages of the model?

  • You work only with the top talent you pick

You will tap into a brand-new talent pool and by using a reputable partner will have the chance to work only with the top talent for your projects. Of course, choosing the right location for your operations would also be critical for the final outcome. To find out why Bulgaria is considered the hottest IT hub in Europe, read here.

  • Reduced costs

Recruiting your own team or using your in-house resources can be quite taxing on your finances as you may not have enough people at your dispose or expertise to execute a certain part of the strategy. When using a dedicated nearshore team, you cut down on your expenses in many ways (recruitment, employment and office costs), while also reducing risk. Depending on the exact location cost savings could be between 20% and 50% compared to your headquarters.

  • Transparency and security

The partnership between your company and the dedicated team is based on transparency – you have access to all aspects of the development process, full control of operations and can rely on timely reports from your dedicated team which can rarely happen if using traditional outsourcers.

A silver bullet?

No. There is no universal answer to all IT resource questions, yet by using the dedicated team model, you achieve your goals quickly, without sacrificing quality, while cutting down both financial and time costs. For your further expansion or upcoming projects, you can easily fit within your budget, while maintaining full control over the processes. All you need is a reliable partner. Many high growth companies have chosen Questers - check their stories here or get in touch with us to talk about your future growth.

Why Use a Dedicated Team? | Questers


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