An Agile Journey: Using Mobile Technology and Cloud Native Architecture to Enable Online Retail - Questers
An Agile Journey: Using Mobile Technology and Cloud Native Architecture to Enable Online Retail
21 JUNE (WEDNESDAY) | 18:30 – 21:30 BG TIME

At Ocado they take Agile seriously. Their product development process is a continuous cycle of discovery sessions with their users, coding, deploying and getting feedback. Over the last year they have implemented an in-store picking solution, from scratch to production and during the talk Zhorzh Raychev and Aurelio Sanchiz will be exploring some of the challenges they had and how they solved them. They will also go through some of the technologies Ocado have used. Mobile architectures and challenges. Ocado Technology sends data from devices to BigQuery to analyse picking performance. They use a CQRS model to store active data to guarantee scalable atomic changes across the data, propagating changes using events to ensure eventual consistency of all entities. Event sourcing to power a stream based web UI, reflecting latest changes in the front-end whilst limiting backend overhead. Monitoring is powered by kinesis events, allowing them to send detailed metadata about things they care about, graphed in Flux.

18:30 – 19:00 RECEPTION
21:00 – 21:30 TALKS & DRINKS


Zhorzh has always loved to tackle challenges that seem too hard. Combining that with his passion for creating something other people would use is what keeps him going as a developer. He has a full stack development experience and currently aspires to learn Scala. He is leading the Store Pick project here in Sofia and helping with the establishment of the Ocado Sofia Office. 



Aurelio has been building J2EE systems (pretty old school!) from the late 90s, and he had gone through all the architecture evolution from plain servlets, component based architectures to the latest in micro-services in the cloud. Most of his career has been around delivering software for stores and warehouses at a number of retailers. He is currently the Product Owner for the Store Pick application which is being developed in Ocado Technology’s development centre in Sofia.


  • C++, Embedded & Java Software Developers
  • Everyone who is just curious and/or a true geek
  • Everyone who is willing to know more about Ocado Technology