27 AUGUST 2016 (SATURDAY) | 13:30 – 20:00 BG TIME

No plans for the last Saturday of the month? Save the date and join the second edition of the Questers Beer’n’Code Day! 
During our late-summer tech meet-up Questers’ team members will share with you some of their knowledge over a cold beer on our awesome mountain view terrace. Oh, yes, we just moved to a brand new office in great location, so you might be curious to check it out. The event is open for everyone thirsty for knowledge (and beer), so make sure you don’t miss it.

13:30 Welcoming / Registration
14:00 Lidiya Georgieva - The beauty of the code: A brief note on clean code and code smells
14:40 Georgi Naumov - Babel, or how to use next generation JavaScript nowadays
15:20 Vladislav Mitov – Why Go?
16:00 Vasil Dichev – Applying the pipeline pattern
16:40 Georgi Slavchev - Hands on .Net Core 1.0
17:20 Peter Sabev - Reporting Bugs: Errors Made and Lessons Learned
18:00 Bogoi Bogdanov - Scaling Agile
18:30 Drinks & Talks

Lidiya is a software engineer who recently joined Sentiment’s team at Questers. Being a big fan of Uncle Bob, she is convinced that simple rules, cleaner and more readable code as well as good team cooperation will lead to better productivity and happier clients and developers. Apart from programming, she is interested in and studies graphic design and computer animation.


Georgi is an experienced front-end and back-end developer with a more than 14 years of experience in software development. Currently he’s is part of Ocado Technology’s team at Questers. Georgi has solid experience with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, Knockout.js, Underscore.js, Mustache.js, Cucumber.js, Protractor, Jasmine, Prototype, Google Maps API, Sencha Touch 2, JScript, VBScript, VBA, CGI (with ANSI C), PHP, Zend framework, Smarty, Java, Perl, Ruby, C, C++, Bash, pure ASP (2.0), Groovie, Scala, Sbt, MySQL and PgSql. He is an active stackoverflow contributor passionate to experiment with JavaScript and browser add-ons. Find out more about him:


Vladislav brings over 6 years of experience as developer having worked on various projects with Python. When not leading the transition to GO in MIRACL’s team at Questers he can be found biking the roads and trails or on the ski slopes.


Vassil Dichev has been working as a developer, consultant, development support and trainer for more than 15 years. He has worked with J2EE and later on with Spring, Hibernate and XSLT. Vassil has also experimented with Aspect-Oriented Programming and dynamic languages like Ruby and Python. During his ongoing search for a more expressive language he found Scala about 9 years ago and found out that it’s also pretty pragmatic. Vassil has been working with Scala professionally for the last 5 years. Before that he was a committer to the Apache ESME project, a Twitter-like server targeted for enterprises and organizations and also a committer to Lift, the Scala-based web framework that ESME is written in.


Georgi is a .Net Engineer in Landmark Information Group’s Team at Questers. He is a Coventry University graduate with 4 years of experience with .Net technologies. Current topics of interest involve Entity framework, SQL integration and optimization practices for .Net websites, .Net framework innovations and updates. He values skills like good time management, team work and analytical thinking. His hobbies include travelling, hiking, martial arts and Manchester United.


Peter Sabev has 12 years professional experience in the field of software development and quality assurance. He has built QA teams from scratch in five different software companies in different sectors, including finance, insurance, real estates, e-commerce, smart homes and IoT, fraud prevention, security and cryptography. Peter is currently working in MIRACL’s team at Questers, and writing a PhD dissertation about test automation. He is also co-organising different conferences and events for the IT community in Bulgaria.


Having background as full stack developer Bogoi is successfully combining software development skills with strong agile and project management knowledge. Bogoi Bogdanov is an Agile Enthusiast having deep interests in people and project management, currently working as an agile coach in the team of a fast growing UK company (Miracl), with focus on agile transformation and continuous improvement.



Everyone that is curious and/or a true geek…and loves beer!

Scaling Agile

by Bogoi Bogdanov

Babel, or how to use next generation JavaScript nowadays?

by Georgi Naumov


The Beauty of Code

by Lidiya Georgieva

Applying the Pipeline Pattern

by Vassil Dichev


Why Go

by Vladislav Mitov


Hands on .Net Core 1.0

by Georgi Slavchev

Reporting bugs: Errors Made and Lessons Learned

by Petar Sabev