Javascript@Ocado – Lessons Learned Developing Our Ecommerce Platform - Questers
Ocado Technology & Questers present:
[email protected] – Lessons Learned Developing Our Ecommerce Platform
14 JUNE 2016 (TUESSDAY) | 18:30 – 21:30 BG TIME

Choosing the right tools for the job - or maybe I'll just bring the whole (JavaScript) toolbox? (Szymon Maj)

JavaScript evolves, new frameworks popping up all the time - if you want to keep up with the trends you might end up migrating to a new framework each week, or worse, using three frameworks on the same page. Rather than theorizing which js library is the best, we will analyse how different requirements affected our choices during our work on an e-commerce platform and how we can use that experience to make an informed choice in the ever-changing world of JavaScript.

Large scale JavaScript for [geographically dispersed] teams (Marwan Butrous)

JavaScript is dynamic. It is very relaxed about code style and structure, enabling teams to adopt design patterns that work for them. Coordinating consistency across a codebase and ensuring everyone is up to date with the status of a project in a multi team setting can quickly become challenging, even more so when teams are geographically dispersed.

This talk is about our experience working together on a project as geographically dispersed teams, and the tools and practices we put in place to keep everyone in the loop.

18:30 – 19:00 REGISTRATION
21:00 – 21:30 TALKS & DRINKS

Szymon is a Senior Software Engineer with Ocado Technology. He joined the Ocado Technology Krakow team in 2014 and is working on the user facing part of Ocado's eCommerce platform.


Marwan has been with Ocado Technology for nearly 3 years working in the UK as Senior Software Engineer. During this time he has been working as a front-end & JavaScript developer for the Ocado Smart Platform. He is also involved in the automated testing chapter.



  • JavaScript Enthusiasts
  • Java Enthusiasts
  • Everyone who is just curious and/or a true geek
  • Everyone who is willing to know more about Ocado Technology