Questers Beer’n’Code Day - Questers
Questers Beer’n’Code Day
12 September 2015 (Saturday) | 09:00 – 18:00 BG TIME
Maymunarnika (Borisova Gradina)

Questers is not just the best office in Sofia, its a place where the best tech talent gathers, works together and exchanges know-how on the latest technologies and trends. What’s great about working in an IT Tech Park is the awesome mix of people specializing in many technologies, working on diverse projects and within different industries. Whether you need to have a geeky chat with someone who knows about Ruby, Java, SharePoint or Python there is always someone happy to chat at Questers!

For no specific reason we have decided to organize a Questers Beer’n’Code Day where current and ex-Questers employees will share some of their knowledge with you over a cold beer at Maimunarnika. We know it’s a working Saturday, but c’mon – we know you would rather have a beer with us!

Oh, and why not also celebrate the International Programmers’ Day a bit earlier this year?


09:00 Welcoming / Registration
09:30 Hristo Kochev - Ruby in the Multithreading Land
10:05 Ivelina Dimitrova – Bugs in the human brain
10:40 Bozhidar Bozhanov – The need for civic hackers
11:15 Vasil Dichev – Lessons of functional programming
11:50 Peter Sabev – Working with UK people (for Bulgarians)
12:25 Borislav Ivanov – Design that makes you happy
13:00 Nikolay Pisanchev – BDD approach in Which? team
13:35 Vladimir Vitkov – Life in the cloud
14:10 Drinks & Talks (...and Rtm+Beer Fest for whoever is keen on!)

Ivelina is a QA specialist in the CertiVox team. She has over 3 years of professional experience and before joining Questers and CertiVox was involved in software testing in the gaming industry. She has strong interest in mobile testing, historical medieval fencing and Rottweilers.


Bozhidar is a software engineer, civic hacker, adviser to the cabinet of the deputy prime minister and a linguist.


Vassil Dichev has been working as a developer, consultant, development support and trainer for more than 15 years. He has worked with J2EE and later on with Spring, Hibernate and XSLT. Vassil has also experimented with Aspect-Oriented Programming and dynamic languages like Ruby and Python. During his ongoing search for a more expressive language he found Scala about 8 years ago and found out that it’s also pretty pragmatic. Vassil has been working with Scala professionally for the last 4 years. Before that he was a committer to the Apache ESME project, a Twitter-like server targeted for enterprises and organizations and also a committer to Lift, the Scala-based web framework that ESME is written in.


Veteran in informatics olympiads, Peter has been a developer, a documentation writer, a technical support specialist, a project manager but his true passion lies in software testing and quality assurance. Peter is a strong believer in open source projects and has worked predominantly on such in the last five years.


Borislav is a graphic designer who currently specialises in user interfaces and user experience. He craves order and simplicity, translated into beautiful interfaces with personality. While he enjoys working with all the modern tools, he still loves using a piece of paper and a pencil.


Nikolay is Senior QA Specialist in the Which? team. He has over 7 years of QA experience, 5 of which in automation. He has been using tools like Fitnesse, Jbehave and Cucumber. He is into music, extreme sports and beer.


Vladimir is working as a sysadmin for more than 10 years. He has diverse experience working in different industries and covering different types of roles. In the last more than 3 years he has been actively working with cloud services, developed the infrastructure and automation needed for the correct functioning of a website.


Hristo is backend web developer with more than a decade of experience working in web and mobile development working.



Everyone that is curious and/or a true geek…and loves beer!

Ruby in the Multithreading Land

by Hristo Kochev

Bugs in the human brain

by Ivelina Dimitrova

The need for civic hackers

by Bozhidar Bozhanov

Lessons of Functional Programming

by Vassil Dichev

Working with UK people (for Bulgarians)

by Peter Sabev

Design that makes you happy

by Borislav Ivanov

BDD approach in Which? team

by Nikolay Pisanchev

Life in the cloud

by Vladimir Vitkov

Maymunarnika (Borisova Gradina)
Questers Beer’n’Code Day | Questers
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