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Self-Growing Culture and High-Performing Teams
26 FEBRUARY (WEDNESDAY) | 18:30 – 21:30 BG TIME

Culture isn’t something you grow in a test tube and release through the air conditioning ducts like an infectious virus; “Here, have some culture.” It isn’t the result of a board-level decision. And neither is it the result of a seven-hour team-building exercise.

No. Culture lives inside your people, and it seeps out of their pores every day like pheromones that affect the behaviour of everyone around them. All of those micro-interactions, those tiny bits of passion and the accumulation of people who actually care; that’s where culture lives.

Join our insightful talk to learn more about how to hire amazing people, get the best out of them and build a fantastic culture. During the talk Jeremy Burns, Head of Engineering at News UK, will share how he successfully has laid the grounds of an amazing team in Sofia, and our colleague Svetlin Staev, Team Lead at the News UK team at Questers, will share his first-sight experience of joining such a team.

18:30–19:00 RECEPTION
21:00–21:30 TALKS & DRINKS


Jeremy is a Head of Engineering at News UK. He is a long-term developer and leader with experience in large corporates, consultancies and start-ups. Passionate about building happy, productive teams and developing people’s career paths.


Svetlin is a Lead Software Engineer at News UK team at Questers. He is taking part in the development of the loyalty programme of The Sun newspaper - the SunSavers app using a modern technology mix of React Native Web, GraphQL and JavaSpring service-oriented architecture. He is very passionate about the modern Web and the endless possibilities it unlocks for creating rich and highly immersive experiences. With nearly 20 years in the industry developing web systems and applications using cutting edge technologies he has acquired a taste for the full stack from building scalable backends to interactive frontends, online marketing and search engine optimization.

  • JavaScript enthusiasts
  • Everyone keen to learn more about News UK
  • Everyone who is just curious and/or a true geek
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