Helping Bulgarian IT Community Grow

Devoted to the continuous development of the Bulgarian IT community we are aiming at helping both junior and senior IT specialists to further enhance their technical skills, either through our regular Tech Meet Ups or by supporting external seminars, conferences and trainings. This is why the last months of 2014 we have supported and took part in three technical events – SoftUni Conf, Rails Girls and the European IT and Business Forum.

The second edition of SoftUni Conf was held in mid-October 2014 at Hotel Rila Borovets 2014. The two-day technical event gathered around 180 junior developers and IT specialists. The program was varied and included both lectures on interesting software technologies and platforms, and entertainment and sports.

Rails Girls Sofia 3.0 was also held in mid-October 2014. Rails Girls aims to open up technology and make it more approachable for girls and women. The weekend web development workshop was free and open to all enthusiastic girls and women with little or no software development experience.

European IT and Business Forum is first of its kind to be held in Eastern Europe, focused to highlight today’s cutting edge Java, Cloud and Mobile trends in field of software development, technologies and business. The 6th edition of the conference was held on 17 – 19 November 2014 in Inter Expo Center, Sofia.

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