Beyond the keyboard: Working with UK people (for Bulgarians)

Back in September we are resuming our training programmes and focusing again on improving your technical and soft skills. To kick-start the season on September 9th our colleague Peter from CertiVox team pointed out some quirks of the British business culture and language used in the workplace both exciting and challenging at times. We were reminded of basic facts about the UK that have slipped out of our minds, explored the similarities & differences between the two nations and got equipped with the knowledge we need to read between the lines of the British communication style. More than anything else, every good relationship is based on respect, so find out the similarities and respect the differences.

What the British say

What the British Mean

What others understand

I hear what you say

I disagree and do not want to discuss it further

He accepts my point of view

With the greatest respect...

I think you are an idiot

He is listening to me

That‘s not bad

That‘s poor

That‘s good

That is a very brave proposal

You are insane

He thinks I have courage

Quite good

A bit disappointing

Quite good

I would suggest...

Do it or be prepared to justify yourself

Think about the idea but do what you like

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Beyond the keyboard: Working with UK people (for Bulgarians) | Questers


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