Our Training


At Questers we are devoted to the continuous development of our employees. To further encourage this we have launched a Training programme for our partner’s team members to learn, develop and enhance their people’s skills and knowledge. This programme is regularly updated in order to deliver relevant learnings.

The program consists of several initiatives taking place monthly:

  • Lunch with the Geeks - Internal knowledge sharing sessions;
  • Beyond the Keyboard - various Soft skills trainings for tech people;
  • Technical training & Job Specific Qualifications - external training and certifications in view of employees’ development needs upon request
  • Tech Meet-Ups - Knowledge-sharing technical seminars open to both internal and external industry professionals.

LUNCH WITH THE GEEKS Internal knowledge sharing sessions

These so called “lunches” aim to present and share employees expertise and points of view on different technologies and programming tools in an interactive manner, favoring discussions with colleagues from different teams within Questers. This way the effect of enriching participants’ technical knowledge is combined with gaining a higher awareness of the specialists in the company and in-house expertise as well as increasing the motivation and engagement of the teams.

Lunch with the GEEKs sessions take place at Questers qClub in the Sofia office. Those events are open to everyone interested in knowledge sharing and networking.

Some example of recent topics include: "Scala – The next Java?", "Agile Pitfalls, why Agile fails?", Natural Language Processing - Whats possible and should we worry about it?", "Beyond Unit Testing", etc.

BEYOND THE KEYBOARD | Soft skills trainings programme

Our soft skills training sessions aim to improve personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike technical/hard skills, soft skills relate to a persons ability to interact effectively with co-workers and customers and are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace.

Our soft skills training is either open for all team members or arranged for a closed group of employees depending upon their needs. We use in-house or guest trainers for their exceptional experience.

For example, on a regular basis we conduct a Recruitment training session for team members involved in the recruitment process. The aim of this course is to describe a practical day of the recruitment and selection of candidates, providing the participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence required when recruiting and selecting the right team member for the job.

TECHNICAL TRAINING | Specific for the job

This programme aims at deepening the technical skills and knowledge of the employees and increasing their productivity. These training courses are designed to teach and additionally qualify the employees on how to more accurately and thoroughly perform the technical components of their jobs.

Trainings can include technology applications, products, sales, service tactics, and more. Technical skills are job-specific as opposed to soft skills, which are transferable.

Some of example of recent events topics include: "Automation Testing", "ISTQB Foundation Level", "ISTA" and "Java Fundamentals".

TECH MEET UPS | Knowledge-sharing technical seminars

These are commercial events where participants are given information and training on a subject or a wide range of topics in the IT field by experts. These seminar presentations are intended for the improvement of technical knowledge of people both in and outside the organization.

All seminars from the Tech Meet Ups series are open to the public and have turned into a discussion platform not only for enthusiasts, but also for anyone interested in the matter and with the vigor to learn the newest trends from leading experts. Some recent events include "Developing solutions using e-commerce platforms", "Language Evolution in C# and Java".

Find out more on our ‘Tech MeetUps’ page