Questers Labs


Many companies struggle to truly innovate internally.  Existing staff can sometimes suffer from corporate indoctrination and are unable to think “outside of the box”.  Some very large companies are able to establish innovation teams far away from corporate headquarters while others struggle to commit to such expenditure.  Others have a “hunch” or “gut feel” that an idea might work but are unable to devote the resources to thoroughly test it.  Often the ideas exist, but are seen as too “off the wall” to merit serious consideration, yet often the real breakthroughs come from such ideas.

The common thread amongst all companies is the certain knowledge that without innovation, their long-term futures are at risk from a competitor that disrupts their sector.  The rise of technology and the Internet means that no sector can only longer be regarded as safe.  Witness e-Commerce and its impact on the traditional bricks and mortar retail, or streamed or downloaded content and its impact on the media companies, or even 3D printing and its future impact on manufacturing.  The list is endless, perhaps not since the industrial revolution in the 19th century has there been a time when new ideas can rapidly change mass consumer behaviour and the structure of society.  Consider that the iPhone first shipped in 2008, and yet smartphones are now ubiquitous and every sector has needed to respond to their growth!

Questers Labs works with companies where innovation takes the form of complex mathematical algorithms.  A market leading online company that buys second hand cars might have a hunch that using five or six data sources, they can create an algorithm that calculates the value of a car more accurately than anyone; thereby disrupting an entire industry.

Using our PlusONE resourcing model, we harness the collective power of our community of own people, partnering university students and faculty and freelance enthusiasts to  effectively test theories and ideas, enabling our clients to quickly decide whether to bring those ideas in house and invest more resources. We verify all solutions and deliver proof of concepts to our clients and transparently reward any successful implementations. We also collaborate with organizations under AsONE platform to establish teams that challenge the status quo and explore business opportunities.