The Questers model

In 2007 Questers pioneered a new approach towards remote IT resourcing. Since then we have focused on constantly improving and developing our model while retaining its base values: transparency, low risk and high performance.

Questers model provides ease of entry to high quality markets and talent pools, an established brand and first class technology parks enabling collaboration and matching the needs of our clients on a wider scale.

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We deliver high performance to our partners through the professional work of talented, dedicated and motivated teams. We focus on providing Software development and Support resources for companies ranging from start-ups to FTSE 250s, operating in a variety of markets.

Our simple, low-risk resourcing platform – AsONE – allows technology businesses or IT departments to quickly attract, onboard, and retain full-time or project-based resources. Unlike traditional outsourcing, our co-management approach means we take care of all HR, administration, infrastructure, security, social and employment aspects, allowing you and your team to focus on what's important to you and your business – delivery, while we continue to support employee engagement and performance.

Questers is a UK-based company with delivery centers across South-East Europe.

Our Sofia Tech Park was launched in 2007 and since then we've employed over 500 developers, testers and technical support specialists for many clients from Europe, UK and the US, making Questers an 'employer of choice' for IT professionals seeking to work in an international setting. This allows us to attract the best people for our clients from the local labour market in a wide range of technologies.

Our clients operate in a variety of market fields:

  • E-Commerce and Retail Integrators
  • Encryption and Security
  • Media and Digital Publishing
  • Network Services
  • Educational Institutions

What our clients say

Brian Spector

CEO of Certivox

Nearly 4 years into our partnership with Questers, we have a stable team of over 30, including multiple disciplines, and we continue to grow our headcount. This is reflected in our business as we have successfully secured a further £6m of investment in 2014 with the Sofia team being a vital part of Certivox.

Leon Chaddock

CEO and founder of Sentiment

I believe we have achieved a fully integrated development team who all work well together despite being based in different locations.

Steve Newland

Associate Director, Javelin Group

What Javelin Group found in Bulgaria was not just a wealth of talent but also a remarkable similarity to the British work culture, ethos, and sense of humour. It did not take long to establish a small team of 4 exceptionally talented developers and the fi rm has not looked back since.


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