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6 prime examples of RPA usage

As  previously discussed, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is the use of specialized software, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to perform actions that were previously required to be done by a human. RPA is applicable in various areas with complete repetitive and structured tasks. By supporting the digital transformation of a diversified set of businesses, QuestersRPA team has outlined a wide variety of processes that could be automated using RPA. Here are some examples of processes that can be improved with the support of RPA.

1. Debit/Credit card issuing

A great example of RPA application is the issuing of Debit/Credit cards by financial institutions. Nowadays, bots are processing most of the debit/credit card applications. They are able to gather the required information and perform the checks in order to facilitate decision on a given applicant.

2. Chatbot

RPA can help call centres decrease their workload and assist help desk specialists by implementing a robot which can take care of the repetitive, well-structured tasks. These tasks are time-consuming and the robot can minimize the workload of the consultants, so they can focus on matters, that require critical human thinking.

3. HR Processes

RPA could be a powerful tool in the field of Human Resources. It is used to support a number of HR tasks from the onboarding process to gathering and managing information.
By distributing those tasks to bots, HR specialists are able to devote more time to employee performance and well-being and ultimately the success of their teams.

4. Data migration

Often employees are required to take information from older system/s and transfer it to new ones. This is where RPA shines to the rescue. The robot can transfer the data from one system to another without the risk of human error. Also, it is much easier and cost-efficient to “teach” the RPA robot do that instead of building and deploying specialized systems, that require additional IT developers and consultants.

5. Forms Processing

When digitalizing documents, an RPA bot can quickly load data into the system. Most RPA packages include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - which allows reading an image with text and transforming it into a text file. It works best with pre-defined standard formats in which the robot can read all the data from an image and place it in the system.
Implementing RPA in this way, saves time and allows employees to focus on more value-added activities, and simply oversee and correct any mistakes in the process.

6. Pulling data from websites

RPA gives much more tools than the usual web-scraping techniques. The robot can automatically log into a website, extract data, transform it in a way the company needs it to be and integrate the data into any business system required.

The capabilities of RPA are not limited to these 6 use cases, but they are a great example of how powerful Robotic Process Automation is.
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