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Extended RPA capacity in practice

(Case Study)

Robotic Process Automation is emerging across all spheres of business operations and the need for quality services has been rapidly increasing during the past few years. It is anticipated that RPA would reach over 90% adoption rate globally in the next 5 years and will revolutionize the way business is functioning. Some of the benefits of RPA include improved performance, minimized human errors, reduced costs and the list does not end there.

Human+ is a Robotic Process Automation consultancy company that focuses on conscious RPA. The company was built as a result of the Intelligent Automation practice of Notbinary, an IT consultancy focused on digital transformation. The constantly growing interest in automation and RPA led to an increased demand for their services and to meet it, Human+ started looking at models that would allow them to quickly scale up their resource base. As a result, in 2019 a strategic decision for collaboration with Questers was made.

With more than 13 years of experience in building and managing distributed teams over a broad range of technologies in various industries, Questers was able to swiftly support the growth of Human+.

We started Human+ with a super-charged business plan that required quick, but extremely reliable delivery of the most challenging RPA projects. I am pleased that our partner Questers wаs able to quickly provide the professional capacity that allowed us to do this.”, shares David Biden - CEO & Co-Founder of Human+.

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