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The flexibility offered by the Dedicated Teams model (Case Study)

The Dedicated Teams model is a flexible and widely applicable sourcing approach that allows businesses to access new talent and improve their efficiency. Usually, the companies that take advantage of it seek opportunities to expand their development divisions to new locations, and use the expertise of local service providers to support them enter the new talent market and attract highly-qualified IT professionals. However, as the model is easily adaptable to different scenarios, companies that already have a set-up team in a particular location but experience difficulties in growing it, could engage a local service provider to build a dedicated team as an extension to their already operating unit.

Usually, local service providers have better knowledge of the talent pool, and are experienced in attracting and retaining highly-skilled tech resources. This allows businesses to accelerate the process of expanding while taking lower risks.

Example from the practice

The current case study shows how a global leader in news and business intelligence solutions that already had an operating team in Bulgaria, engaged Questers to build a high-performing tech team that had to act as an extension of the core unit. And after a period of synchronisation, it was transferred to the client’s Bulgarian subsidiary.

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