“We are looking for individuals who are experienced in what they do and want to take a challenge…” - Questers

“We are looking for individuals who are experienced in what they do and want to take a challenge…”

Neil Rylance, Founder and CEO of TahDah

TahDah is a scale-up company that aims to revolutionize the way people connect with employers and training providers. They have recently engaged Questers to support the expansion of their R&D team in Sofia, and as we start hiring the first people for their new team, we had an insightful talk with their Founder and CEO, Neil Rylance.

Hear from him more about the company’s work and team culture, and also what kind of people they are looking to join them.

You are a founder of Tahdah. How did you come into this position?

My name is Neil Rylance, and I am the Founder and CEO of TahDah. In 1997 I started my first business, which was a creative brand and marketing agency. IT developed over the years to introduce digital services, websites etc.

In 2012 we built a web-based system for a client that worked alongside their main website. The system was an Enterprise candidate management system.

In 2015 I took the IP of the system and moved it into a new business so we could develop it as a SaaS product and start to sell it to other Enterprises, as well as start developing a Consumer product for the many users we had in the system. This is TahDah.

I closed the agency after 20 great years so I could give all my attention to the TahDah business and product.

We now have over 1 million records, have had over 60 million page views (behind login) and have facilitated £8m of transactions via the system.

Tell us a bit about Tahdah. What was the main driver to set up the company?

The main driver for setting up the company was a combination of demand for our single-user product, a huge gap in the market place and the vision of a fully verified lifetime record of all your achievements, learnings and skills that you update as you gain them.

What problems does Tahdah solve?

For our Enterprise clients it increases efficiency, reduces costs and replaces old legacy disparate systems that struggle to communicate with each other. To onboard our latest client, we replaced 9 of their systems.

We’re now recruiting the first members of the software development team in Bulgaria. What kind of people do you see on these positions and why are they an exciting opportunity?

We are looking for individuals who are experienced in what they do and want to take a challenge and be part of a very exciting business as we intend to be a household name across the world. We want people who can work on their own or in a team and want to develop new fresh exciting products that form part of the bigger picture.

We believe that adding skilled engineers to the already very experienced and talented, but compact team, will hugely enhance it. We also feel that new team members will gain a lot from the existing ones and will be able to add value to the business.

What makes it great being part of Tahdah?

I have to say, our culture and our exciting product that has endless opportunities are what is exciting about TahDah.

We are a supportive team of people who help each other develop and grow every day in our work. We own and communicate our mistakes. We discuss, learn and educate each other.

We run a flexible business model that drives productivity and results while also ensuring that we put health and family first, within reason, of course.

Find out more about the current open positions in the TahDah team at Questers here.