„We are on the mission to revolutionise and redefine the temporary staffing market“ - Questers

„We are on the mission to revolutionise and redefine the temporary staffing market“


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Peter von der Ahé, Co-founder of Nurselo

As we’ve recently announced, the Berlin-based tech startup Nurselo has engaged Questers to set up their new software development team in Sofia. The company aims to create a modern and automated technology solution that would meet the needs of both employers and employees in the sector of temporary medical staffing.

To learn more about the Nurselo, the platform they’re aiming to develop, and the type of people they are looking to hire in Sofia, we talked with one of theirs co-founders Peter von der Ahé. Read what he shared with us:

1. You are one of the co-founders at Nurselo. How did you come into this position?

Nurselo's journey started right in the middle of the pandemic and lockdown, while working and spending time at home along with my subtenant and today’s partner Alexis. During a lunch break, Alexis told me his thoughts about improving the future of work with a combination of a flexible working model and today’s technology. Immediately, I recognised the opportunity to offer people jobs in real-time through an app and provide companies with a platform that manages their staffing needs. Since I am operating and having a bright expertise for over 20 years in my own temporary healthcare staffing company, I thought that would be a perfect chance to develop that business model in the healthcare sector. Time passed and some weeks after, when the contact restrictions were lifted, I met Manuel on a sailing day and told him about our plans and ideas. Manuel as a successful technology entrepreneur recognised the opportunity and without a second thought we were more than happy to have him on board.  In the future our aim is to expand this business model for further target groups and represent the next generation of temporary staffing solutions.

2. Tell us a bit about Nurselo. What was the main driver to set up the company?

Nurselo is an on-demand staffing platform in the healthcare sector. Our aim is to support healthcare facilities such as hospitals and elderly care centers with temporary nursing employees.

By having a digital platform to match nurses’ schedules with hospital staffing needs, nurses and hospitals alike will get a higher level of flexibility. This will facilitate a self-determined lifestyle with better control over the work life balance for nurses.

When we founded Nurselo, we recognised that the temporary staffing market in the healthcare sector is offline and highly fragmented. Traditional providers use outdated processes and limited data to manage staffing, consequently failing to meet the increasing requirements of our modern and digital economy. Starting with the healthcare sector, our mission is to revolutionize the temporary market with our technology, enabling us to offer a new experience by outperforming existing players in the market.

3. What problems does Nurselo solve?

For nursing facilities, we want to solve the most pressing problems around short-term staffing and staffing scarcity. Traditional employment agencies often take weeks to supply staff, since everything is still done manually. Using the automated technologies, we are planning to develop a platform that will provide such staff much faster and easier. For our heroes (this is how we call the nursing professionals), our aim is to offer a flexible and technology based working model for a better work-life balance. We will focus on digitizing the entire process for both sides, nursing facilities and heroes.

4. We’re now recruiting the first member of the software development team in Bulgaria. What kind of person do you see on this position and why is it an exciting opportunity?

We are looking for a highly talented and motivated engineer who is not shy to make bold decisions and to lead others for our new team in Sofia. We are at the start of our journey and provide the opportunity to build an architecture from ground up with all the tools and frameworks available today. As mentioned, this is the first engineer of many to come and working along with the company’s founders is not an everyday’s chance.

5. What makes it great being part of Nurselo?

We are on the mission to revolutionise and redefine the temporary staffing market that is developing into a global megatrend and that first Engineer could be part of generating this change. You can benefit from a steep learning curve from day one with a high career growth trajectory. With a transparent company culture and stunning team spirit, Nurselo ensures a dynamic and international environment welcome to anyone. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. The position will require close interaction with our headquarters in Berlin and therefore traveling between Berlin and Sofia would also be possible.

If you want to build something you are proud of & you believe in the vision, we want you in the Nurselo fam!

Do you want to be one of the first team members at Nurselo’s development team in Sofia? Check out the open positions here.

„We are on the mission to revolutionise and redefine the temporary staffing market“ | Questers


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