Bosch Software Innovation Bulgaria cooperates with Questers in the expansion of its development team - Questers

Bosch Software Innovation Bulgaria cooperates with Questers in the expansion of its development team

21 Aug 2018

The recently announced cooperation between Bosch Software Innovations Bulgaria and Questers aims at achieving sustainable growth of Bosch’s Bulgarian IoT division and expanding their capability through attracting the best IT talent in the region.

Bosch Software Innovations, the software subdivision of Bosch Group, has been working in the field of Internet of Things for nearly 10 years. The company employs more than 600 IoT experts in five countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Singapore, China and Japan). Its Bulgarian office consists of more than 150 employees who are working mainly on Bosch IoT Suit and various projects in the field of mobility, smart city, energy, manufacturing, as well as smart homes and buildings. Now with the IoT becoming more and more ubiquitous and the increasing demand for the company’s services worldwide, Bosch Software Innovations Bulgaria is looking to expand their development capacity.

The company has entrusted the strategic growth of its development team to Questers due to the outstanding reputation and proven expertise of the company for accessing and recruiting world-class technology talent for multinational tech companies.

The agreement between the two companies has been set up on the framework of Questers’ BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model that Questers has been successfully executed multiple times over the past 11 years with clients such as Ocado Technology, Accenture Strategy and eCommera.

The focus of the agreement is the expansion of the Energy and Automotive teams, working on solving digital problems in their respective sectors. The projects and challenges these teams take on are designed to tackle tomorrows problems today, helping companies and consumers adopt modern IoT solutions for monitoring household consumption, and remote software updates for vehicles across the globe. The teams will seek Senior Java and Full stack Developers who will work in a strong cross-functional Agile team and have the opportunity to shape the future of IoT.

For more information on the available career opportunities at Bosch Software Innovations Bulgaria team visit our career page.