The launch of Foundry4 & Questers’ new brand vision - Questers

The launch of Foundry4 & Questers’ new brand vision

15 Dec 2020

October 5th marked the launch of Foundry4, a fresh new transformation business that unites several companies under The Panoply group. The new brand aims to help organizations deliver more by effectively harnessing the combined power of people and technology.

Foundry4 combines the research and insights of DisruptionHub, the consulting and delivery expertise of Arthurly, the automation specialism of Human+, the product delivery and build nous of Notbinary, and will be powered by the scaled engineering team model of Questers.

Along with the structural reorganization, the Panoply and the member companies underwent a visual identity transformation. The change aims to further strengthen the united presence of the group and its focus on sustainable digital transformation.

As part of the Panoply, Questers also adopted a new brand vision. The new look reflects the acceptance of the group values and culture and the strong belief that we achieve more together.

Find out more about Foundry4, the businesses it unites and their expertise here.